The Mirror Part 2 A novel

Janie Shaffer is a seventeen year old teenager who is having a party in her house in Arizona, when her parents go away on Saturday night. Suddenly she finds a mysterious gothic looking black mirror that is in the attic. When she stares into it, she find out that The Other Side threatens to possess her. The sequel to The Mirror.


3. Epilogue


Janie yawned. 

By eleven o'clock PM, the Arizona party was over. She hadn't imagined that the mirror would possess her. She knew that her worried parents would tell her what happened to her hands. "​It was an accident, Mom! Dad! There was a defect in the Mirror. And I burned my hands​". She didn't want to go upstairs in the attic via the scary looking hallway; she took one long look at the ladder, and shivered with dread. She went to the ladies' restroom. Ten minutes' later, she washed her hands to the best of her ability; she then locked up the house. Afterwards, she headed down the halls towards her bedroom. Then she opened it. She flicked on the bright light. Then she turned on the lamps. Finally, she got dressed in her favourite red gown. Once she was finished, she headed to the bathroom. She then opened the door, and brushed her teeth. Two minutes' later, by ten fifty PM, Janie turned off the light; she then walked to the bedroom for the final time. She turned on the light. Suddenly she heard the cold voice of a demon in the dim hallway. "​Come with us to the attic Janie! I have the mirror with us​". And she screamed, as she slammed the door...and went to sleep in her bed with the lamplight on.

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