The Coldness Part 2

Jessica is the new owner of the Savannah Orphanage for Girls in Georgia. When new girls arrive there, the horror of the past comes back to haunt them in the Deep South.


1. The Orphanage


Jessica was now the new owner of The Orphanage. She gazed at the glass windows, as the new group of girls were arriving to find a home for them. She heard the sound of the bells chiming. Then she opened the front door. She smiled at the ten girls who were behaving awkwardly while Jessica greeted the arrivals. She walked towards them so she could create a strong presence; she was eager to impress them while the cold rain battered the Southern city of Savannah, Georgia. 

"Good morning, girls. I'm Jessica. I'll be in charge of the Orphanage. Once everyone's settled in, you can explore the by yourselves. Now, any questions?", she asked them. One of the girls, Brenda Stein, was ten. She had long, black hair, hazel eyes, and petite. She was wearing a cheap red dress, black socks, and flat, black shoes on her tiny feet; she walked towards the Knights. "Oh, it's like King Arthur", she said. She wasn't looking for a medieval look at the Orphanage; she was used to seeing the old British series 'Merlin​' on television. But, unlike the family series, the Knights here created an ominous feeling to the place, as if they were prepared to die at the hands of something​ that was out of reach of normal reach; as if, deep down in the abyss, was a darker presence that was hidden in the dim shadows, eager to come out and kill at any warning. Jessica, who wanted nothing more than be successful, grinned at her. "What's your name?", she asked her. "Brenda Stein. I'm Jewish". She nodded. She smiled at her. "Everyone's welcome here, Brenda. Now, let's go to the first floor where the rooms are". Brenda walked to the first floor. She opened the door. Then, by ten o'clock AM, she walked inside. She flicked on the bright light; she saw a single bed by the black window. The coldness of the spacious room chilled her blood. "I hate this room", Brenda stated.


Julie Harris, the other orphan, walked up to the stairs. She heard the creaking sound that came from the dark door; she shivered. Suddenly a dark figure blocked her path. It moved its shaking hands at her. "​Leave this place now, before it's too late​". And she screamed...and fled downstairs in a hurry.


Jessica gazed at Julie. "What happened?", she asked her. She shivered. 

"I saw someone. He wanted me to leave the Orphanage", she answered her. Brenda gazed at the darkness. She spoke: "The coldness is horrible". She watched the other girls were upset. She took a long, deep, breath. She stared at the staircase...and knew that to alleviate the girls' fears...she would need to fight the evil force that was lurking in the scary Orphanage. 

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