Destroying AUs (Cross/Ink/Swap Sans X Destroyer!Reader)

Which one? Cross, Ink or Blue?

This is about Undertale/Underverse
Underverse - Jael Penaloza
Undertale - Toby Fox


3. Meeting “Them”

You crawl through the Snowdin trees. You can’t remember who you are, who your family is, or how you got here. You just know one thing: Find them and stop them.

You see blasts of red and white fly by. You turn around; There they are. You scramble to your feet and begin shoving the branches to your side, faster every time. You peer through a small clearing in the trees. Target acquired. You pull up the inventory menu. You put your hand over the “Knife” button. “Knife - Does 9999 damage. The ultimate weapon for evildoers.” “Interesting.” You whisper. Knife equipped.

You study the group of Sanses, trying to find a way to kill at least one of them. Cross was holding up Fell in a bone cage, about to kill him. Ink is trying to help Classic, who looked wounded at the time.



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