Destroying AUs (Cross/Ink/Swap Sans X Destroyer!Reader)

Which one? Cross, Ink or Blue?

This is about Undertale/Underverse
Underverse - Jael Penaloza
Undertale - Toby Fox


4. (Ink Choice) End Them

You decide to attack Ink. You jump into the bushes behind him. He turns around, hearing the rustling of the leaves. He turns back to Classic. Perfect.

You leap out of the bush, pinning Ink down. You lift up the knife, ready to attack.

“Wait!” He yells, shoving you off of him. Ink holds you down. He tries to make sure that you don’t move so that you can’t cause any harm. You end up overpowering him, pushing him away. “Why are you doing this?” Ink shouts at you. “It’s my job.” You say.

You pull up the knife once more. This time, you successfully stab his left arm. He screams in pain and attempts to get up. You pin him down once more. He’s too weak currently to get up. You quickly realize that there’s other people around here.

You look around. Nobody’s watching. You look down at ink and realize something. He’s... Blushing. Pathetic. Really, pathetic.

He looks up at you. Alright, I think I know this guy’s weakness. Well, here goes nothing. 

You kiss him. He seems really surprised. Now’s my chance. You pull up the knife and stab him right in the heart. Nothing happens. What the heck is wrong with this guy?!

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