A couple of fables I came up with. A fable is a story that usually features animals that can speak, which has a story line that contains a moral lesson.


1. Be Careful of Who you Trust

One day a fox approached an owl sitting quietly on a tree top. The fox asked to the owl, "Why don't you talk much?" The owl didn't respond. He simply sat watching, as if seeing something that the fox couldn't see. The fox eventually got annoyed with the owl and moved along. Then one regular day in the woods, the fox was with his friends, the rabbit and the bear. The bear happen to be talking about the fox's friend, a snake. The fox didn't like anyone talking about his friends, he felt it was wrong. So the fox stood up for his friend. The bear apologized. Later that day the fox went back to where the owl was sitting. "You won't ever have any friends sitting alone not talking to anyone." The owl looked down to where the fox was. He flew down to the ground to join him. "Sometimes it's more important to listen and choose your friends wisely." The owl told the fox as the fox gave him a confused look. The owl then looked in the distance again, the fox followed his gaze. He noticed two shapes close by. Fox quietly slid behind some bushes nearby and listened. He saw his friend, the snake, talking to the bear. The snake was talking about fox. 

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