My Time Behind Enemy Lines

SAS operator William Stacey, fresh out of selection and advanced training is put onto a mission to Baghdad. Although he feels alone in his current squad, he’s made quick friends with Oliver Jacks an ambitious solider.

All is going fine till, Stacey takes a shot that spins his world upside and dropping his squad into a lot of trouble and danger.

Will Stacey (No Pun Intended) manage to pull his squad through, or will they one by one be captured.

Author Note.
Hey I know people don’t do it much but if you liked the story, can you follow and like so I know if I should keep publishing chapter.
I hope this to be the first in many adventures for Stacey and Jacks.


1. The History Of L Detachment - Introduction

Read Please 

Thanks To Sources such as Wikipedia, which helped greatly. I Only selected facts that need to be known. Yes I Know its Wikipedia, and it can be unreliable, but I'm writing about a Highly secret UKSF Regiment, so facts are limited. This Chapter doesn't have anything to do with the main Story apart from giving a basic understanding of what the SAS is and who they are and what they do. The actual story features the SAS as its main body, however, characters are entirely works of fiction created in my mind. there may be sections where I take real life situations and put my twist, but just like Call of Duty Modern Warfare, I want to make this as action packed as I can. 

Due to secrecy much of what I write will be assumed or all entirely me making it up, I've said it once and ill say it again this is a work of my imagination however it features real-life characteristics or Objects.


My Time Behind Enemy Lines


The Special Air Service was founded in 1941 by David Sterling. Originally named L Detachment, the SAS are the Leading and most Renowned Special Forces Team in the world, and which all other SF Teams are based on.

Known for the brutally of its training, (Known as Selection), the SAS has been praised for its ability to deal with Homeland Security and Work behind Enemy Lines.



Founded by David Sterling in 1941, as a Detachment of troops sent behind enemy lines to destroy as many enemy aircraft as possible, in the North African Campaign.

Only known as 'L Detachment', the SAS became known after two missions on which it took troops behind the enemy. On its first mission, due to German resistance and adverse weather conditions, the mission was a total failure, leaving 22 Men dead or captured. However on its second deployment, the mission was successful, the Squadron destroyed a total of 60 Aircraft on 3 airfields in Lybia.

In September 1942 it was named the 1st SAS and consisted of four British squadrons, one Free French, One Greek, and the Folboat Section.


Pre War

After The Second world war, it was disbanded but was reformed in 1947 and named the 21st SAS


Thanks, This chapter is just to explain what the SAS are and what they do I Geuss. you don't have to read this.

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