My Time Behind Enemy Lines

SAS operator William Stacey, fresh out of selection and advanced training is put onto a mission to Baghdad. Although he feels alone in his current squad, he’s made quick friends with Oliver Jacks an ambitious solider.

All is going fine till, Stacey takes a shot that spins his world upside and dropping his squad into a lot of trouble and danger.

Will Stacey (No Pun Intended) manage to pull his squad through, or will they one by one be captured.

Author Note.
Hey I know people don’t do it much but if you liked the story, can you follow and like so I know if I should keep publishing chapter.
I hope this to be the first in many adventures for Stacey and Jacks.


4. Chapter Three - Approaching Ground

They line up, the drop is upon us. Most of these people have only parachuted from around 7000 foot, there use to less intense condition as the fact that there may be a chance of certain death.

I guess that’s why it’s a thrill. To jump out of planes, putting your life on the line for an adrenaline rush.


“Listen up, I guessing that none of you have jumped from a height like this. Keep your body in an x formation unless your turning or if you darting. If you don’t you’ll start to spin and eventually you’ll reach a speed of 278 mph, and you’ll need about 13000 foot to gain control. And you don’t want that. Stick in groups. Communication is key, if a parachute fails, the man or woman next to you must try to save your life. I expect everyone to be on the ground” I say, “Any Questions”

“How high are we jumping from” ? Someone asks

“35000 foot, you’ll die if you don’t keep in an x formation only tilt when diving or turning” I reply


On the radio comes a voice 10 seconds till drop.











One by one I see men throw themselves out of the plane. Some panic or are scared but jump anyway.

As Jacks approaches the platform I can see the fear in his eyes and I understand why, when I first jumped from this Height I shit myself. Being scared of heights never really helps when jumping but I learnt to overcome the fear and accept them and the danger they hold and how gravity works.

“Jacks, calm down... its ok if your scared, you can jump with me, between me and you... the first time I did this, I shit myself so there’s no shame”

“Is so fucking high man, what happens if the chute doesn’t deploy, and I plummet to my death”

“Never ever say shit like that again. I man once said to me, If you think your going to trip, you’ll trip. If you think you’ll going to lose you’ve already lost. Think positive. Your chute will deploy. No worries. Just copy what I do. And whatever you do don’t start to spin. Then only God can help you, but of course you won’t spin because you’ve got this. Just lean back and drop, form and x and keep your balance. Only tilt when turning or diving”


“You ready” ? It’s more of an order than a question. But he nods and composes himself at the edge of the platform. I join him and I nod at him and say, “see you in a minute, just lean back”

As I lean back I forget everything, the mission, Jacks the entire squadron. It’s just me and the speeding death that make its climb towards me. I hear death whisper in my ear, maybe today.

I reply to death. ‘Not to day you skinny bitch’

I close my eyes and lean towards the ground, I start to pick up speed, and the wind starts to flash against my ears, a Colony of clouds approaches, all of a sudden the temperature drops below zero, the cloud seems endless but a burst out the end, and the heat suddenly hits me.

Again death whispers, Maybe today

This time I don’t reply. The ground is now rushing toward me. I’m travelling at around 230 mph and on average I’ll need about 2000 feet to slow down. I pull out of the dive and I check the altitude meter which is strapped to my wrist. It reads 7000 foot. I lean forward

Again I start to pick up speed, below me a dozen or so parachutes deploy. A sign that my dive is coming to and end. A form an x and look at the Altitude , 4000 foot. One more thousand and I’ll deploy my chute.

I’ve only just noticed Jacks who comes along side me. I point at him and single for him to deploy his chute. He does. I check the meter again. 3200 foot. I grasp the cord and I’m brought to a sudden decrease in speed.

The world slowly starts to get bigger. The dunes start to grow and the heat steadily increases. Below me I see men landing on the sand. I decide to survey my surrounds. To the left for as far as I can see there is nothing, to my right, I see a small Village around 10km away.

The ground isn’t that far away. I pull both cords and the parachute starts to slow down I pull up my feet and they hit the ground, I come to a running stop. About 20 meters away Jacks lands and I see him stubble on impact and almost trip, but he regains his balance.

I start to rake off the parachute as the squad start to crowd around me, most look like shit, but the few that don’t, look excited and refreshed. I smile at the group. They’ve done well.

“Alright. Take your spades out and start digging, we need these chutes out of sight and forgotten. We will never return to this place”. I order. They start to take the spades out, “also I’d like to congratulate you on this great accomplishment, not many people get to attempt a HALO jump. It was very dangerous, but I’m pleased with what you’ve all accomplished... It’s now time you know why we’re here, in the worlds shit hole, we’ve been given the task of travelling in one of the worlds most hostile zones. We’ve been tasked on gaining information about a jihadist group 45 KM north of here. While most of you are aware of the patrol route to Baghdad. I received a call while we were in the plane which said we were to take a detour, and observe the group. I was as shocked about it as you are. This means that you won’t be returning home soon, there will be around 6 weeks before there will be a chance for you to return home Now get those chutes buried”

I pull out my own spade and start to dig, only then do I reply to death. “Not Today”


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