My Time Behind Enemy Lines

SAS operator William Stacey, fresh out of selection and advanced training is put onto a mission to Baghdad. Although he feels alone in his current squad, he’s made quick friends with Oliver Jacks an ambitious solider.

All is going fine till, Stacey takes a shot that spins his world upside and dropping his squad into a lot of trouble and danger.

Will Stacey (No Pun Intended) manage to pull his squad through, or will they one by one be captured.

Author Note.
Hey I know people don’t do it much but if you liked the story, can you follow and like so I know if I should keep publishing chapter.
I hope this to be the first in many adventures for Stacey and Jacks.


7. Chapter Six - Panthers Move Slowly

Note From Author

This Chapter is taking longer to write then expected. I’m trying real hard to make this chapter the best yet. I want to make it action packed and keep the reader reading. Thanks a lot if you’ve made it this far and I know that if you are following the Series that you’ve waited a while for this. And your going to have to wait longer. I’m only releasing this as a teaser in a way. I’ve been focusing a lot on college work and writing my other story called My Time With Scarlet Silver, which is very different to this. It’s about a boy that gets with the girl of his dreams, it also tackles the average teenage problems. So go read that if you want. Anyway here’s like a couple of paragraphs from my Sixth Chapter for My Time Behind Enemy Lines. I hope you enjoy it and stick around for the full chapter and stuff. I’ve only just noticed that all my stories start with My Time. Some Steven king shit going on here, it may even be the same universe. Well you’ve read me talking about fuck all for a while now so enjoy this teaser and if you want read my other shit. Thanks, Enjoy.

Panthers Move Slowly

The buildings start to tower over us, we move slowly through the narrow walkways between walls. It’s pitch black and deadly silent, the occasional scream rips the air like a knife through water, piercing our hearts and adding to the ever mounting tension. My breath is sharp, and quick. My heart beats against my rib cage like a drum. Somethings wrong, I can feel it, the hairs on the back of my neck are standing straight.

I lead the pack through the alleyway, I feel the Solider behind me grasping my shoulder. The only light comes from the small flashlights strapped to our guns.


A door closes ahead to the left

“Lights off”, I whisper. Ahead are two silhouettes. Both are around 5ft 8”, and both packing some sort of assault rifle. Both are hooded or cloaked and have their backs turned to us. I signal for two men to move forward and approach the enemy. I take out my knife and pass it to the first man. “Slit his throat, and knock out the other. Drag him back here”.

I want to take a captive, and ask questions. How many men are here? What guns they have? And others. I need a basic understanding of what’s ahead before I enter further into these labyrinth of corridors and lanes. I turn away from the struggle ahead, I hear someone choke on blood and another grunt as he’s knocked semiconscious, and then the scraping of him being dragged towards us. There is a silent chink or grenades in the bag or back pocket of the Semiconscious man.

“Grenades find them, pass them to me” I order, one man starts to pat down our fallen foe. “There in his back pocket”. He passes them to me. “You come here, put these in your backpack pass them to me when I ask for them” I say to a man behind me, pointing at no one one in particular, “stay close”.

We again start to move slowly down the corridor of walls. We move in complete darkness with hands on the shoulders of one another. I’m at the front leading the pack, using my touch and hearing to direct us through the small maze of buildings. The only sound is the dragging of feet from the man we just knocked out.

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