My Time Behind Enemy Lines

SAS operator William Stacey, fresh out of selection and advanced training is put onto a mission to Baghdad. Although he feels alone in his current squad, he’s made quick friends with Oliver Jacks an ambitious solider.

All is going fine till, Stacey takes a shot that spins his world upside and dropping his squad into a lot of trouble and danger.

Will Stacey (No Pun Intended) manage to pull his squad through, or will they one by one be captured.

Author Note.
Hey I know people don’t do it much but if you liked the story, can you follow and like so I know if I should keep publishing chapter.
I hope this to be the first in many adventures for Stacey and Jacks.


2. Chapter One - Deployment

Author Note

Hello, this is the main story and the first chapter of which I will be naming My Time Behind Enemy Lines. The story will be in First Person, as suiting the Title. It will feature Events based on true Events but are fictionalised to create an immersive experience for you the reader.

The character is fiction, I don't want my stories getting SWATED because no one listened to me explain that this is fiction, No event that takes place is real.

Thanks Enjoy, there may be more of these Notes at the beginning of a chapter if I have to explain something.

Chapter One - Deployment

I Look to my left and then my Right, on both sides soldiers line up. Today is the day, the day that I am to get deployed to Iraq. I Feel out of place, I'm the only SF Operator in this deployment, I feel alone and abandoned.

My superiors said i was to conduct a surveillance mission, of a disclosed location, I was told I wasn't allowed to know where it was till I joined 21st Regiment when I reach Baghdad. I was to patrol from Al Kut to Baghdad with a standard army patrol unit, travelling 180 km, on foot to the centre of Baghdad to a controlled area in the centre

"Stacey, your up. take your kit and pick up a rifle. I want you to set an example for the Muppets. I want them to see you as a seasoned veteran,  I want them to respect you and follow under your command"

"Yes sir" I reply, "anything else sir"

"There is, when you've got your kit, come speak to me, i have a personal errand for you. on a Need to Know"


I walk to the armoury and pick up a C8 Carbine and L96A1 Long range sniper rifle, both custom to fit me. From a young age my farther taught me to shoot, and I played competitively. The SAS soon saw my talent for long range shooting and made me a regimental sniper.

When I toured with a standard unit, I was a point man, I loved it always first in, that split second where you have the upper hand and the 2.3 seconds it takes for the enemy to shoot back. In those 3 seconds you could clear a room, and move on. do the same again. I always liked to take the lead. But I knew my expertise where somewhere else.

After collecting my kit, i walk to the command tent, and enter. commander wells sits at makeshift desk. He's a rough man, sharp edged. His greying hair shows through although he still has fading brown. A man of 42, aged to soon, a man that seen things he wont tell. just keeps to himself. A Private man. A Strong Man.

When Training I was taught how to spot an enemy and a friend, The Commander seem neither, a man in between, A man to help, A man to command. A man that knows the chain of authority, a man that demands respect and above all Loyalty.

"Sit" He says

After I  sit down he relaxes and places hes feet on his desk. He goes to speak but hesitates. 

"How are you fe... feeling" He asks,


"I... Heard you just passed advanced training, you must be tired"

"Yes sir, I am, I Hope to catch on some sleep on the flight over, Sir"

"Good... Good" He pauses, "Your aware of the mission"
"Yes Sir, although the location is classified for the time being"

"Yes, However I have something that I want you to do on the side, a personal errand.

"Yes, What is the Request sir"

"Now i wouldn't trust anyone else but you, for you are Special Forces, I want you to kill *Hasin Usafard"

"Usafard, sir i wont be able to get near him, that should at least be a 4 man job"
"I hear your the best they have to offer from your class, a Mighty good sniper"

"Yes Sir"

"Then shoot him from a distant, don't get noticed. Now i don't care when you do it, or where if you see a chance take the shot"

"and sir what of the other soldiers, do the stand and watch, while i take the shot or do i alone sneak away"

"Take a spotter with you, don't tell him why, tell him to do his job and spot" He answers, "When you've killed the target, announces the news to the squad and remain your route to Baghdad"

"Yes Sir"

"Then run along"

I exit the tent and head for deployment, my mind is not at ease of the task ive just been prescribed. its a test i tell myself, great things will come of this. But why Usafard, hes not a world wide know terrorist, hes a small town terrorist like a drug dealer, he most likely will be gathering support for their cause.

I enter the plane and sit, surrounded by strangers, prepare for myself for the task ahead and close my eyes.

*pronounced Osaferd

Thanks for reading, if there is any errors or stuff tell me. if you have any ideas on how to improve this chapter tell me. Thanks again.



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