My Time Behind Enemy Lines

SAS operator William Stacey, fresh out of selection and advanced training is put onto a mission to Baghdad. Although he feels alone in his current squad, he’s made quick friends with Oliver Jacks an ambitious solider.

All is going fine till, Stacey takes a shot that spins his world upside and dropping his squad into a lot of trouble and danger.

Will Stacey (No Pun Intended) manage to pull his squad through, or will they one by one be captured.

Author Note.
Hey I know people don’t do it much but if you liked the story, can you follow and like so I know if I should keep publishing chapter.
I hope this to be the first in many adventures for Stacey and Jacks.


5. Chapter Four - Scouting

Authors Note

This Chapter features some opinions on certain religions that i myself don’t follow. I’m not a racist, i believe everyone is equal and we all deserve to live amongst each other. The opinions stated are of the character and are entirely fiction. If i offend anyone, comment below, and i will do my best to edit the chapter to suit everyone. Into days society the things stated are real. And jihadist do blow people up and its sad that they believe they can do this. I support neither Terrorism or Racism. As i said everyone is equal. I would like to remind you again that this is a work of fiction, but i can guarantee that there is someone that will think I’m racist because i wrote the words. I want the story to be engaging, and these things are real. When 911 Happened, 72% of troops that signed up to the American army were looking for revenge and wanted to protect their countries. I Want to express again that I don’t believe in the killing of Muslims or any other religion. I’m neither racist or capable of terrorism. I love the world and everyone in it, and i believe that equality should be shared between us. Thanks for reading. Enjoy the chapter.


The Heat bears down on us, which is ironic since heat rises. The Sand is like an Stove, we are the eggs frying in the pan. My arms are starting to redden, and the sweat is so thick that it’s almost unbearable. I hold my finger above the trigger, because my hands are to slippy and I’m scared that I’ll accidentally shot a bullet. I never keep the safety on, so I can immediately engage with the enemy.

The desert seems endless, if you were to zoom out as if on Google Earth, you’d only see the masses of yellow and us smaller than ants, invisible. My fellow men have started to strip clothing to only put it back on as their one minute too hot and the next their burning. I decided to not remove anything, the sun can be a very valuable ally and a Ever so threatening enemy. I’d rather I kept it on my side. We’ve been traveling for about 3 Hours and our water supply is starting to dwindle, and evaporate into thin air. Each solider carries enough water to keep him alive for around 2 Days, but this heat is almost unbearable without the thought of water. They say the jungle is the most unforgiving environment because it plays with your mind, well the jungle can go fuck itself, I’m seeing pools of water everywhere, only to remember that there isn’t any actually any there.

Although there is a group of us, we remain almost silent like an evening wind, the occasional hustle of voices only to crack. I have a radio, I want to call in a helicopter to pick us up and drop us at a RV point but that ain’t going to happen.

“Sir”, a voice.

“Yes, Solider” I reply

“We’re around a Mile from a Small town, I recommend we scope it out before entering”

“Alright, alert the squad and remain silent, in around 900 Meters I want everyone on the ground and are to crawl and stop and wait for a signal”

“Yes Sir”

“Oh and get Jacks” I order

I need Jacks to be my spotter, while I scope out the town. A spotter is a snipers first line of Defense, if an enemy was to approach me from behind, the spotter is meant to counter their movement and take out any threat silently, as not give away our position. He is also used to locate enemy in the offence, and give me a range or distance of a target.


“Jacks, I need you to spot for me, i don’t feel safe with these men. I mean I’d trust them to hold a perimeter, but their not as ambitious as you Jacks. I like that your striving to join the SFs and I hope that you do, but if my ass gets shot, Boy your going fucking nowhere”.

“Sir, your a safe with me as any of these men, I don’t really believe you should hold me in any different regard to any of them, I’m a solider so are they and so are you, while we look up to you, we hope that you trust each and everyone of us equally, and would proudly entrust us with your safety”

“Well said, so your a team player, that’s good. Very good. However today I would like you to spot for me and protect me and the safety of the squad”

“Yes Sir”, he smiles slightly, a curl of his lips tell me this. He’s pleased with himself, and I know that he would lay down his life for any of these men. A good solider is always the ones that get shot first, a motto I lived by. I remember my class in basic training, the instructor said to us, “The Ambitious Solider, get him and others shot, while the team Solider save himself and others, and climbs the ranks.

“So Jacks, this is the plan. You and me are to climb to the top of that dune, from there we are to scope out a local town, to mark any enemy’s and try to get a basic and rough understanding of our surroundings. I want for you to look for snipers and roads. And if you see any vehicles I want you to note them down”

“Ok Sir, what if there is any fishy business concerning the locals”

“Then write it down if its worth noting, but make your priority the jihadists and there muppets”

“Yes sir”

We start our ascent to the top of the hill, I’m carrying my Custom sniper rifle, while jacks carries a Carbine Rifle, squired with 4x Zoom Scope and a grenade launcher. The heat still bears down upon us, i remove my hat and place it into the rucksack i have on my back. I pull the sniper over my shoulder, and check the sights.

I kneels on the ground, and place my hand deep into the sand. The sand feels hot, but cool enough for me to lay down, i start to crawl my way up the hill, i signal for the troops to come to a halt, and summon jacks to my side.

“Ready” I ask

He nods, and we start again to climb the hill, the hill starts to become more steep, the sniper weighs down on my back and the rucksack digs into my shoulders. I decided that I won’t need it and remove it an push it back down the hill where its caught by a soldiers who’s name I didn’t bother to know. I Hate myself for it, it part of my job to know everything and everyone around me, i make a mental note to remind myself to squire him about his name when i return to the bottom of the hill.

Jacks is ahead of me and is almost at the top of the hill. He’s eager to prove himself, and i admire that, like me he want to climb the ranks, but as my father said to me when i was young, anyone who makes the climb can fall at any time. Ive mentally prepared myself for failure at 70% of my job is failure and what to do when i fail. If I’m captured, which is at 60% chance of it happening. I Was never told why it was so high, i think its because were meant to under take such dangerous task that we die or were captured. Most of my fellow SF Men are scared of capture, however i relish it, i cant wait for the day i can piss off a jihadist. The day i can look into his face and spit into his eyes. I don’t actually remember where my hatred comes from, I’m not racist, i have nothing against Muslims, i just don’t like the percentage of them that thinks its all right for the to blow themselves up and kill others in the process. I understand that Muslims always think that the second life is better than the last, but in my mind religion is the cause of wars. Look at the crusades, Christians thinking they are better than everyone else it just pisses me off.

Ahead of us lies the town, flooded with desert heat and Militia Troops. To our left Lies Barren lands but to right there’s a small compound on the edge of the village which wasn’t visible form the bottom of the hill.

“Sir, 4 packing men to the left around 350ft from our current position. Shall I signal for us to move in and secure that part of the town”

“No, Quiet” I reply, “something doesn’t feel right” the air feels to thick and there’s a smell of freshly drawn blood, and a stench of decay. What’s Surprising is the stench and how strong it is. It’s like a 1000 dead body lying in front of you decaying.

“Can you smell the air” I ask

“Sir” he asks confused

“The air, the thickness”

“No Sir... are you OK”

Death whispers in my Ear, ‘Today’s the day’, I feel his ever closing hands around my heart squeezing it, crushing my heartbeat. I slow my breathing and steady my dwindling heartbeat. I aim down the sights, targeting one of the Men below me.

“Orders Sir do we engage?”

“Shhhhhhhh”, I start to put pressure on the trigger, my hands are steady, my heartbeat stable and my nerves non existent. I pull the trigger, a quiet thump sound disappears in the air and the bullet hurdles towards my target.

As if in slow motion blood Sparta from the meat-bag of a man, filling the air, covering his comrades in blood. I see them start to turn, and release fire in every direction. Bullets rip the air scattering the sand and send pieces of sandstone in every direction sharp pieces cutting into the people around them. As they start to regain focus, I aim and release another bullet into the second man, who cripples to the ground. The man next to him scans the sand dune for any sign of life to shot at, finding non he turns away from me, I pull the trigger and a split second later he drops, dead.

One man remains and he starts to dart for the compound, stumbling in the sand, i aim down my sights and fire, the man falls to the ground, he’s dead before he touches it.

“Sir, why did you do that”

“I fucking sick of this sand”

In a total of 22 seconds I took out a small group of a bigger picture, not even a pixel in the ever growing group. My enemy still waits ahead, in that small compound. And I have a bullet with his name on it.

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