Tmnt secrets

Leonardo and his brothers are on protrol they see two people all in black who are these mystery people read the rest to find out

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6. Stopping shedder

(*finely it was morning everyone woke up to start the day leo had a announcement to tell his brothers.*)

Leo:"Guys ayano called me last night we need to go to TCRI to get some chemicals."

Donnie:"Why do we need get chemicals?"

Leo:"Because Shedder wants to control the city and probably control the world."

Raph:"Let’s get going."


(*10min they arrived at TCRI to get the chemicals.*)

Leo:"Hello Ayano,dayna where are you?"

Ayano:"Were right here Thank you for showing up to help us get them."

Leo:"No problem so where are the chemicals."

Dayna:"We don’t know yet that’s why your here so we can all split up into groups of two and find the chemicals."

Raph:"LEO you didn’t tell us we had to meet up with the girls."

Leo:"Oops sorry I forgot to tell you."

Donnie:"So what’s the plan."

Ayano:"Donnie your coming with me Mikey your going with Dayna and Leo,Raph you go together now we have 1hour to get the chemicals before Shedder does let’s go."

(*30min later we found them finely so after that we left.*)

Raph:"Where are we going to hide the chemicals at."

Dayna:"In your lair."

Mikey:"Why our lair?"

Ayano:"Because he knows where we live but he doesn’t know where you live,that reminds me is it ok if we stay awhile with you?"

Leo:"um...sure but master splinter is not going to be pleased if he knows your their."

Dayna:"then we’ll keep it low ok."

Leo:"ok let’s go before we get caught."







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