Tmnt secrets

Leonardo and his brothers are on protrol they see two people all in black who are these mystery people read the rest to find out

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4. Mixed feelings



(*as Mikey was going to bed he was thinking about Dayna.*)

Mikey:"I think I have crush on Dayna."

Donnie:"I think I like ayano but I like April a lot who do I choose." (*sigh.*)

(*as the other two turtles were going to bed they were thinking about the girls.*)

Raph:"Hey leo what are you thinking about?"

Leo:"About the girls,why you ask?"

Raph:"Because I’m doing the same thing as you."

Leo:"You don’t think we have a crush on them do we."

Donnie:"We all do I have crush on Ayano and mikey has crush on Dayna."

Raph:"But don’t you have a crush on April through."

Donnie:"Yeah I do but I can’t choose anymore who do I like April or ayano."

Leo:"We’ll talk about it tomorrow let’s go to bed."

(*as the turtles were going to bed they were all thinking about us.*)


A/n:"Hey everybody how’s the story I hope you like it and I’m sorry if this chapter short so in the comments tell me how you like it thank you."


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