Tmnt secrets

Leonardo and his brothers are on protrol they see two people all in black who are these mystery people read the rest to find out

P.S. No negative comments thank you


3. Girls are victorious

(*so the fight began two people vs four turtles unfair.*)

(*so about 7min later the girls are victorious the four have lost.*)

Raph:"Fine you win but next time."

???."Before you say anything else you should know our names."

Donnie:"So what are your names."

???."My name is Ayano Aishi and this is my sister Dayna Casey."

Leo:"Well thank yo-?"

(*Before he could finnish his sentence we we’re gone.*)

Mikey:"Wow there fast."

Leo:"Come on let’s go home."

Donnie:"Finely we’re home I’m tired I’m going to bed,night guys."

Donnie's brothers:"night Donnie."

(*so they all went to bed to get some rest for the next day.*)

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