Tmnt secrets

Leonardo and his brothers are on protrol they see two people all in black who are these mystery people read the rest to find out

P.S. No negative comments thank you


2. Follow the people in black

Leo:"Mikey where are you?"

Mikey:"I’m right here,you guys are so slow."

Raph:"You can’t just run off like that what if you got turtlenapped by the Shedder that’s dangerous."

Donnie:"Yeah mikey you need to be more carefull."

Mikey:"Yeah yeah but look we’re at their lair."

Mikey's brothers:"MIKEY!!!!

Leo:"You lead us to there lair why would do that."

Raph:"......No comment."

Donnie:"Mikey,HAVE YOU LOST YOUR SHELL!!!!!!

Mikey:"pishposh and tut-tut my good man." (*British talking.*)

Leo:"Let’s get going before we get caught."

???:"To late turtles."

???:"You can try to leave but it’s not going to work." 

Raph:"Yes! It’s all you can beat buffa."

???:"I’m so down if you down."

All the brothers:"Were down."

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