Dear Ashton

Dear Ashton,

If you have found this in your locker then I want you to know that this isn´t some sort of prank. This is just some girl in your school looking for someone to listen to her.


2. September 21st 2005

Dear Ashton,

I saw you today in class giving every girl a suspicious look. I know you are trying to find out who I am but please don't try, you won't found out and you could really hurt someone by giving people those looks. 


I guess this letter is more about why I am writing to you. Like I said in my last letter I know you have been trough what I am going through.


Lately it's been getting worse and I can´t seem to control it. I use to have a little bit of control but now I can't even stop it without pills and I  don't  want to take pills.


It makes me feel weak and like a freak. You know that feeling right? I don't want to reley on them, I want to be able to control my life.


I am supposed to take pills when I start to feel bad.


 today it happened again and I didn't take my pills. The voices won't stop and I can hear them all perfectly clear and lets just say they aren't saying anything nice.


Flecther thinks I am taking them but I guess he doesn’t notice my emotions changing. He never notices the little details, only the big ones. He is like everyone else, only notices when something tragic happens.


That's another reason why I decided to write to you. I know no one noticed you feeling the way you did until you tried to go back home to the angels in the clouds.


That's also why I don't want to take pills because I know that one day I will try to get away and go to the place I call home. But then would that really be a bad thing?


I'm not really sure at the moment but when I know I will be sure to tell you.


Much love,

Rosie x 

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