99 Curses

Kara’s Vale is a spooky place that lends itself well to the tales of witches and black magic that founded it. But nobody ever expected anything like this.

Ted, the police sergeant, has two problems. One of them is a drinking problem. The other is the gruesome massacre of nine people at a party in the town hall. There’s blood on the walls, guts on the floor and a head swinging from the chandelier. These murders make no sense. And none of the surviving witnesses saw an attacker. Ted believes this is the work of supernatural forces.

The witch, on the other hand, has ninety problems: the ninety remaining residents of Kara’s Vale. She’s got an impossible amount of power, a strong stomach and a vivid imagination, and she’s using all three to systematically tear Kara’s Vale apart. She watches with glee as the police scratch their heads and the bodies pile up. She never wanted any of this. At least, not at first. Now, she wants it all. And nothing is going to stand in her way.


6. A Bad Night

It began at a few minutes past sunset. It started slow, a quiet patter on the roofs of the unsuspecting town, befoe growing in strength until the town was drowning in it. Drowning in blood. The rivers ran red with it. The forest to the north of the town was stained crimson. Mighty trees were felled with mighty stokes of lightning; eventually, it grew to such an extent that the valley resonated with thunderclaps that mimicked the drumbeat of some seriously pissed off gods of war. it was a massive fucking shitshow. Roads were fucking cut off. Phone lines were destroyed, and JANET THE FUCKING ARSECLOWN WAS COMPLAINING ABOUT HER STAINED FUCKING WASHING.


On the bright side, though, the road into town was completely destroyed, covered up by fallen foliage. That fucking specialist wasn't going to fuck up his shit any day soon. But there was also bad news.

3 people were found exsanguinated along the waterfront.

The press were eating this shit up like FUCKING AMERICANS in an ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET!

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