The Coldness A novel

Jessica Christian, a new homebuyer in Savannah, Georgia, takes over the mysterious Jackson Orphanage for Girls, in the Deep South. When she arrives there, she encounters several people who want the place closed.


2. The Orphanage-2


"Jessica, are you alright?", Ron asked her.

"No. Someone ​attempted to hurt me", she answered him.


"I don't know".

"Look, there's nothing supernatural about this Orphanage; there's just bad vibes". Jessica looked at him. She stared at the middle-aged man; she knew that owning it was a risk.

"The only vibes I get are of...sadness...and coldness...and horror". Ron agreed. He stared at the 1950's staircase; he stared at the darkness upstairs...and shivered with dread. Jessica saw the focus of Ron's eyes. ​The staircase where the children were staying; the staircase where evil dwelled...​, she thought to herself. She walked towards the bottom. "Let's go upstairs, Ron", she said. And, as they reached the top of the staircase, they saw a dim looking hallway that led to The Children's Room.


"No one went up here unless they were considered too problematic", Ron stated. Jessica gazed at him. She flicked on the light with her small, right, hand; she saw several soft toys lying on a red carpet in the middle of the spacious hall; she saw a teddy bear, doll, and a soldier holding an air rifle in its right hand. "They've been forgotten; they've been...abandoned", Jessica said. Ron nodded. "I owned the soldier from 1944. I brought it into the Orphanage for the girls to play with. After the trouble, I left them alone". Jessica focused on what he was saying. "Were the girls...insane?", she asked him. "Yes; yes. My father visited the Savannah Asylum for Girls and Boys back in the hot July of 1950. Their parents couldn't deal with their behaviour. They were used to the medications...and psychiatric Professor Staten-Carters, MD; they didn't care about the outside world; they were used to the Orphanage's rules. And they used their minds to get revenge on the doctors. Sometimes they carried knives; sometimes they carried needles. When Professor Staten-Carters retired in 1952, Masters, the Psychiatrist, took over part-time. By 1953, or 1954, he assumed the role full-time. It was a place of terror for the workers; the children knew what to expect. Sadly, the Orphanage was closed in 1962...and remained closed over the last fifty years. Over the period of time from 1963 to 1972, a number of owners attempted to re-open it. By 1973 to 1986, Doctor Rohan Kendall, MD, from Savannah, wanted to express a better treatment for the disturbed children there. In those days, there wasn't a 'Mental Health' facility there. America was in mourning back then when President John F. Kennedy died in November 22, 1963, and Bobby Kennedy in 1968 respectively. And with the Watergate political crisis that engulfed President Richard M. Nixon in June of 1972, the children's health wards were well-being was put on the back-burner of money coming into the Orphanage; by 1974 to 1978, as Nixon was outed and President Jimmy Carter was in charge from 1977 to 1981, there was a new psychiatric boy's facility from that was open on November 6, 1981 to 1987, that was five miles away near The Savannah River; by Christmas Eve of 1988 to 1998. The Savannah Orphanage for Girls was closed from 1999 to 2000 when no one wanted to buy it. The Reagan and Bush, Sr., Presidencies were over. And the Clinton and Bush, Jr., Presidencies was marred by scandal. When 9/11 happened, America changed. And no one wanted to own the Orphanage; no one. By 2002 to 2015, as the first decade of the modern, high-tech 21st century, was over, I wanted the place to open up once more. And, lastly, you wanted to own it Jessica. And you're the right woman to take over from me", Ron said. Jessica heard a ​swishing ​sound. She turned around. And she screamed.

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