The Fatal Escape A crime noir thriller

New York, 1949. John Maddox is a detective who is working on The Missing Heiress case when he falls in love with Victoria Parsons, who is being stalked by someone who wants her dead.


3. New York, 1949-3


​Victoria ​struck a match. She smoked a cigarette. I did the same. By five o'clock PM, the New York weather was cold; the weather seemed to create a sense of gloom in New York, as if the night time office workers were closing off for the day that had had begun at nine o'clock AM, eight hours' earlier. Before I finished for the day, I was eager to imagine she would be safe from her stalker. But who was​ he? Or was ​it a she? A female who had a grudge against her. 

"I have to go, John", Victoria stated.

"Here's my telephone number. 555-555-5664".

"Thank you", she stated.

And she opened the office door...and left me to do the case.

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