The Fatal Escape A crime noir thriller

New York, 1949. John Maddox is a detective who is working on The Missing Heiress case when he falls in love with Victoria Parsons, who is being stalked by someone who wants her dead.


2. New York, 1949-2


In ​my career in crime, (which was a decade as a detective), I have seen a lot of things that were dark. Victoria looked out of the glass window that was covered in heavy rain; I had looked at her because she was going to be upset again. Suddenly I broke the tempestuous silence. "What about your family? Are they upset with you?", I asked her. "No! No! And 'No!' again​". I shook my head. She was angry. She was scared. "It's going to be alright, Victoria; it's going to be fine​", I promised her. But, as I said those words, she knew that I was going out on a huge limb. And, if I did fall, would I have someone to save me from instant death?....


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