The Fatal Escape A crime noir thriller

New York, 1949. John Maddox is a detective who is working on The Missing Heiress case when he falls in love with Victoria Parsons, who is being stalked by someone who wants her dead.


1. New York, 1949


​sipped my warm coffee in my dusty office when there was a lot of gunfire outside. New York was a city in which crime was up; New York was full of mobsters like Nathaniel Oliver, (a low-level criminal). Oliver behaved like he was Al Capone in Chicago in the 1920's, and 1930's. He had his own bodyguards with him. He wore a bullet-proof grey vest; he was hard to kill. And that was what was wrong with the post-Prohibition Era. I gathered my newspaper...and read the front page news article about Joan Sanders, the ten million dollar heiress, who was charged with murdering her lover, Ed Graham. They were having a passionate affair that lasted three years behind her husband's back. Alfred Sanders, who was forty, was fifteen years' older than Joan, who was twenty-five. She married for a rich man's money. And she was ​greedy. Ed Graham, who turned 27 in October of 1948, smiled at her. In his hand was a paperback of James M. Cain's novel ​The Postman always rings twice​ from nineteen thirty-four. I had read the book when became a sensation in the early 1930's. The 1946 movie with Lana Turner was a sensation three year's ago. I looked around as I smoked a cigarette. Suddenly I heard a loud knocking on my front door. "Enter!", I yelled. And, as I stared at a woman, she seemed upset by something. "Excuse me, can you help me? I need a detective. Someone's stalking me". And I nodded. "Take a seat". And she nodded, and I finished drinking...and waited for her to speak further. 


"Victoria Parsons", she said. 

"Scottish", I said.

"Yes. I arrived in New York in the cold winter of 1947 to make a new life after my husband died in Glasgow. Jamie was shot by rival criminals. He died before we were due to be married". I nodded. I had heard a lot of stories about loss...and death. It was normal for me to deal with violent crime overseas or in New York. "I'm John Maddox". The client smiled. I wrote her name down on a white notebook. I didn't indulge in my idea of love; I didn't believe in femme fatales smoking cigarettes...and using their own powers of seduction to get their way. "Who could be after you?", I asked her. "I don't know. Please help me, John", she insisted. And I smiled uneasily...and took on the case. "Two hundred dollars", I said. She took out three hundred dollars. "Keep the change". And I grabbed the money...and placed it in my old drawer.


I didn't think that women fell for me during crime cases. I attempted to be professional in my work. Victoria had short, black hair, brown eyes, and petite. She wore a grey dress, black stockings around her slender legs, and black shoes; she had red lipstick on her mouth. And she was 25 years' old. "Here's a contract for the case Victoria. Please look at it with your lawyer". She nodded. "I will, John". And, in the end, I knew that this case would be fatal for all of us.


By three o'clock PM, I made more coffee as dark, threatening, clouds hovered above the city that never sleeps. I waited for Victoria to be comfortable. Then she saw my grey hat and smiled. "My husband had one of those in Glasgow. He paid £10 for two of them". I looked around to see the heavy rain boom in the black sky. "I'm sorry about your loss. Now, can you tell me anything about your stalker?", I asked her. "No. I haven't got any enemies". And I sighed with growing frustration...then I sipped my coffee to calm my fractured nerves.

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