Tales of Tails

The story of a meerkat without a real family, with a hard past, Tala has a lot to overcome.


6. Trust

“No way!” Buck shouted as Tala sat on the back of the Jackal that just shared some surprising information. “You’re just going to trust some stranger just like that!?” Buck glared at his adopted kit. “Buck, either get on or stay here.” She stared him down, Buck squinted his eyes in return. He let out a long sigh, “You know I would never let you do that alone.” She relaxed some. She was very scared Buck would not go with her. She knew this was right; she had to see her sister. She was afraid, she didn’t know what she was about to walk right into. Buck cautiously but swiftly leaped up beside her. She drew in a deep breath as the jackal began to move forward. Soon they were moving very fast, I didn’t know we were that far, I thought the colony was a lot closer. She thought to herself. She could feel Buck tense up beside her. “We’ve faced worse, you know.” She tried to ease up some of the tension. “Remember that time we went up against a cheetah!” she recalled, “Good thing we were close to that old meerkat kitting den,” She giggled. At the memory Buck let a smile come across his face. “Ah, we survived against the fastest animal.” He looked at her. “I just want to see my sister; I’ve never actually known her.” Tala’s eyes drifted down as she remembers what she could of her sister. Soon enough Jack came to a stop, Tala took a glance around. She saw a small boulder which looked big to her, and she saw many holes in the ground which must have lead to the meerkat tunnels. The only thing was… She didn’t see any meerkats. “Where are they?” Buck spoke before she had a chance. The jackal didn’t respond, all he did was lower into a crouch where they could get off. Jack looked down face to face with the pair. “Be careful; make sure to tell them who you are. If they think a loner has entered their tunnels they will kill you. Oh, and it’d be better if the weasel was to stay out.” 

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