Tales of Tails

The story of a meerkat without a real family, with a hard past, Tala has a lot to overcome.


5. Tough Decisions

Tala’s heart began beating fast. What could he want with us? She tried reasoning with herself. Why would he save us if he was going to kill us? She tried to not be afraid as she faced the jackal staring down at her waiting for a response. “W-what,” She was able to finally get out. “Don’t be afraid,” The jackal sat down in front of the two. “I came to warn you.” His eyes narrowed. “Your colony… they’re… In danger,” My colony, how does he know about my colony? How are they on danger? What does that have to do with me? I was never in the colony. Only my dad and possibly even my sister, “What does that have to do with me?” She asked as she caught a side glance from Buck. “Because… Your sister sent me to find you.” He responded looking down thoughtfully at Tala. My sister, what does she even know about me? How does she even know I’m alive? “Wha-“   She didn’t even know how to respond. “I’ll explain that later but what you need to know is, you father died. Now they need a new leader, they are volunteers but it is traditional that the father chooses the next leader from between his kits.” Tala tilted her head in confusion. “He chose you, Tala, there is a debate about accepting you as a leader, on the count you’ve never been in the colony, but you were chosen, so they want you to choose the next leader at least.” He finally finished looking at her as if the world was about to fall apart and only she could keep the pieces together. She just held his serious stare about to drown in her own thoughts. Buck narrowed his eyes at Jack. “This has to be a trick, why would they tell you this and send you.” His fur sparked at his growing suspicions. “Buck.” She sent a glare at the fluffed weasel. “I’ll go, take me to my sister.” She said as she leaped onto the canines back. 

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