Tales of Tails

The story of a meerkat without a real family, with a hard past, Tala has a lot to overcome.


1. Prologue

The trees stretched long and wide, a small stream drifted down below. The warm air, which turned cold at night, smelt of rain to come. Down below a small dip in the ground with an overhang, two small shapes exited their hiding place. A small female meerkat with a scrawny weasel, which was bigger than her, the two slowly looked around at their soundings. “Do you think they’re gone?” The meerkat looked to him. He leaped upon a log close by, glancing around once more; he looked to her and nodded. She leaped up beside him and let herself relax. She looked up into the tree squinting her eyes at the sun shining through, she sighed. “We will get revenge and we will get through this.” The weasel stated as he clenched his tiny fist. “Revenge is not always the answer, Buck, maybe we should just moved on.” Tala answered in response. She took a deep breath, trying to accept the words she had spoken. She had wanted revenge; she wanted to see what kin she had left. She closed her eyes tightly trying to hold back the tears. Buck grabs hold of her paw. “I know it’s hard, everything will be okay. I’m here.” She looks at his scarred up face and leans her head on his shoulder. 

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