Tales of Tails

The story of a meerkat without a real family, with a hard past, Tala has a lot to overcome.


4. Jack

The pair made it finally to a small stream; it was around some rocks in a small ditch. They were tired and hungry. They begin to drink steadily trying to regain a little strength, only pausing to take a gasp of air. They weren’t to far from the colony; their scent was drifting on the air. Finally after drinking enough water they lie down next to each other. Tala falls asleep right away, but Buck wouldn’t let himself. He had to keep watch; they weren’t safe where they were. When Tala finally woke up Buck was gone. Panic started taking over her, “Buck!” She screamed feeling as if her heart was going to explode. “It’s okay, I’m here,” Somewhere over one of the boulder nearby she heard Buck call. She tried to calm down as much as she could as she neared him. She leaped on top of the boulder and there, Buck looked up from the stream, a fish hanging in his jaws. “You scared me don’t do that!” “I didn’t expect you to wake up yet.” He shook violently to get the water off of his fur. She leaped down to join him. The fish was small, but it was big enough for the two to share. Meerkats don’t usually eat fish but she didn’t mind the taste. Suddenly a growl could be heard nearby. Buck jumped up ready to fight looking around at the surroundings. A jackal came out of no where and snatched up Tala in its jaws. It then took of running, Buck then jumped onto its back about to attack, when a hyena was chasing after it. The hyena didn’t notice Tala or Buck as it had turned back once the jackal had got near the two small animals. Once they couldn’t see the hyena no more the jackal stopped. He put Tala on the ground, Buck, shocked, jumped down beside Tala standing in front of her in a defensive pose. Tala pushed him out of the way, “You saved us, why?” she squinted her eyes at the big animal. “My name it Jack,” He said, “We have to talk.” 

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