Tales of Tails

The story of a meerkat without a real family, with a hard past, Tala has a lot to overcome.


7. Hidden Secrets

“Buck you have to-“ She trailed off as Buck held up his paw to signal for her to stop talking. “Go.” He looked her in the eyes. “You will be fine.” She let out a sigh. If Buck believed that then so should she. She took a long look at Jack, he nodded to her, and she looked back to the meerkat tunnels. For what seemed like an eternity she sat there; trying to gather up enough courage to go in. Finally she took one last deep breath in and begin her journey through the deep tunnels. She walked for a long ways before she finally seeing any signs of life. She came to a sudden halt, “Do you really believe we can stop them?” She heard one voice ask. “I do, but only I can make it happen.” Tala shivered as she heard the response. The voice seemed cold and scratchy. After these words, cheering broke out. Tala flinched at the loud cheers of so many unfamiliar voices. The cheers rang through all of the tunnels as Tala was crouched hiding behind an outstretch of dirt. What is going on?  “Tala?” Tala jumped as she heard a female voice from behind her. She was afraid to turn around. Soon, she felt herself being pulled in a fast pace through the dark. Stumbling on her own feet, she gasped unable to catch her breath as she was being rushed. She felt the paw latched onto her arm. Soon enough she could see again and the paw let go of her arm. She tried steadying herself, gasping for air. It seemed like they ran for miles in the tunnels. “Is it you?” A skinny, boney figure peered at her with a questioning look. “How...do you know me?” Tala asked. “I’m your sister.” Her eyes glowed piercing through Tala’s fur. “My name is Trish.”  

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