Tales of Tails

The story of a meerkat without a real family, with a hard past, Tala has a lot to overcome.


8. Danger

My sister, I’m staring at my sister from years ago. “Tala?” Trish, with concern in her eyes, questioned Tala. “What,” Tala began, what am I to do? Tala starts to feel small and fragile. “What where all those meerkat cheering and talking about?” She asked her sister, who had been here since they were separated. “Jasper wants to be the new leader.” Trish looked at Tala with full on seriousness. “And he will do anything to become one.” Tala shivered once again at the thought. That must have been the meerkat leading the chants. “It’s very dangerous here right now but I needed your help.” Trish glanced around in the small dark tunnel they were in. It must have been Trish’s room. “What can I do I’ve never been here before and never knew any of them.” Trish drew back at Tala’s words, “I’m so sorry Tala...I tried to find you.” Trish couldn’t bring her eyes back up to meet Tala’s gaze. “It’s not your fault.” Tala knew her sister didn’t know what was going on when they were young. “If only you knew the complete truth…but there is no time right now.” Complete truth? What does she mean? She was only a kit. What could a kit have done? “Stay here and I’ll come back for you in a few minutes. If I’m not back by tonight… run.” Trish left Tala confused and stunned. If she doesn’t come back?

            Buck and Jack were hiding behind a few boulders nearby the colony. Buck paced back and forth. Jack watched impatiently. “She will be fine, they just want her to choose the next leader. “Why her? She’s never been in the colony. She knows nothing of them. They left her to die, her kin left her to die.” Buck angrily dug his claws in the dirt below. “She is the kit of Taka he wanted her to choose. “But why! That doesn’t make any sense at all!” He hissed. “Trust me.” Jack responded. 

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