Tales of Tails

The story of a meerkat without a real family, with a hard past, Tala has a lot to overcome.


2. Buck

Tala searched for under a bush near the den she and Buck have been using for the past two days. She looked at Buck who was not far from her also searching for something to eat also. She loved him; he became her dad after he had rescued her from being killed by a hyena. The hyena had already killed her mom and her brother. She had also had a sister, who her Father, the new leader of the colony, had took during the attack, but left Tala alone. Buck found her and was able to save her. He then brought her to her dad who had refused to take her. “She is not mine, take her away or she will be killed.” He looked to the tiny meerkat that was holding on to Buck’s arm crying. The leader’s eyes were harsh and showed nothing. Buck had no choice but to take her and keep her. As they left that night; the tiny meerkat hurt and confused. Buck felt bad for her, he kneeled down to her “I’ll be your dad now.” He told her as he looked into her eyes trying not to cry in front of her, worried it might scare her. “Why doesn’t he like me?” She wiped her face. He couldn’t answer her. How can any animal be so cruel? Even most predators weren’t that harsh, to turn away their own kin. From then in her life he took care of her and taught her how to find food and how to fight. He taught her lots of different kinds of ways to fight. With sticks sharpened to be like swords, with teeth and claws and how to hide from predators. Tala admired Buck; she wanted to grow up to be him. Buck resented this, he didn’t want Tala to be like him, he avoids being around the same animal for too long and doesn’t have any friends or kin. Back in the trees Tala had found some worms to eat along with Buck. They shared even though there was plenty. After eating Buck started, “Eat and sleep good today, we’re leaving tomorrow.” He said simply without looking at Tala. She looked to where they had been staying; she took a deep breath in. Am I ready for this?

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