The Look-See part 1The Bathroom

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you never let go of the past?Don't let The Look-see know because this creature this monster can and will harm you...Just its bone chilling words can send shivers up your spine..."if you yourself cannot release then it will come to take a piece. "


1. The Bathroom

Running into the ladies bathroom fear coursing through her as she opened each stall slowly. Hearing the footsteps she was running from made her jump into a stall not too clean. Click...the door was now locked and she noticed some words written on the door obviously having been there for awhile since they were faded and worn. She started reading the print under her breath,it said "if you yourself cannot release then it will come to take a piece." Thrown out of her thoughts about the unpleasant words she heard the bathroom door squeak open slowly. In one quick move she snatched a small diamond ring off her finger and held it over the toilet panting. Her heart beat was so loud you would have thought the creature heard it. Just holding the ring made her sick with old memories of her past and husband. Turning slightly she noticed a black slick looking pair of dress shoes. Climbing up onto the toilet seat she looked over into the other stall...nothing...she looked back at the shoes and they were gone. Something grabbed her legs and pulled her down dragging her out of the stall. With one hand on the white porcelain bowl she reached for the ring which had been dropped in the process. Finally getting the ring she flushed it down the drain and the pulling stopped. Her breathing was calming down but you could still see the panic one her eyes she rested against the toilet bowl. A slightly growl let her know she wasn't alone like she thought she was and was pulled up harshly. The screaming lasted for awhile and the once fragile woman that was loved and cherished is now broken and dismembered with dark red blood the shade of wine was dripping down the wall. In her hands she held the diamond ring shining with not a speck of blood on it.


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