1. One

As my mother blabbed on about to do and what not to do, I zoned out into my own little world. It was only when the conductor shouted all aboard that I came into reality. My mother hugged me and kissed my cheek as she said goodbye. But believe me, first chance I got and I was out of the nest and out of her arms. So I boarded the train and tried to find and empty compartment, but most were full. I never knew that Hogwarts sent out this many letters every year, because boy it was CROWDED. I approached what seemed like the hundredth booth and pulled open the door to find it was practically empty except for two boys. One had red hair and wore a hand-me-down robe. Must be a Weasley. And the second boy had black hair, broken glasses that where taped back together, and had a just bought robe. Then I notice a familiar scar on the boys forehead, just barely hidden away by the boys hair. 

"No way..." I mumble, "Are you-" Before I can finish I am cut off by the Weasley boy. "Harry Potter! Exciting right?"  

"Mind if I sit here?" I ask. 

"Please, by all means." Harry says 

"My names Ron! Ron Weasley!" Ron offers his hand. 

"Chara, Chara Teil." I take his hand and we shake on it. I close the compartment door and sit next to Ron. "So your Harry Potter. Wow." I say, breath taken. "That would be me." He says politely. Then the train booth door comes open again and in walks another girl, with wild ginger hair. She closes the door and plops down next to Harry. "Hope you don’t mind if I sit here, everywhere else is full. The names Hermione! Hermione Granger!" 

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