MIRROR MIRROR ~ Bidrag til konkurrence

MIRROR MIRROR tell me, who am I?




Mirror mirror,

Here I am,

Looking at someone foreign.


No no,

Where am I heading to?

Do I know the place? The rythm,

When I don’t even know myself.


Find yourself,

They say.

How come that everyone knows,

But me?

I’m looking at someone foreign.


There is something mysterious,

What happened to my friend?

Sorrow took my heart

I need to find myself

Cause I’m lost.. in something,

I don’t know what is.



My friend, she is gone,

now it’s my turn,

To show who I am,

To find the truth me

So that I maybe can save her,

From being lost.


So mirror mirror,

Tell me who I am,

I am,

Looking at someone foreign.

Im just someone,

Whose identity is sleeping with the four years old me.

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