The Titan Rebel

She use to live with Reiner, Annie, and Bert with her parents. That all change when her parents had to go to the scouts. She was left in the care of Carla and Grisha Yeager. She met Armin, Eren and Mikasa and soon became friends. Soon they joined the scouts after the incident. She is know as the Rebel Titan


2. Chapter 1:

I hid behind Dr. Yeager. My white dress flows in the wind as Carla and two other children my age. Carla comes over and hugs me. I clung to my mother’s dress skirt. “Sky look kids your age!” Mommy said happily as she claps her hands together. “Thank you Carla and Grisha for taking her in. You know me and David must go on the expedition with the scouts.” Mommy says. She bends down to my height and hugs me. “Behave and Mommy will see you soon ok honey? Oh and wear this necklace at all times. If something's bad happens you know what to do. Stay with this family if we don’t return and guard them with your life.” Mommy said as I hugged her and nods. She puts the necklace on me. I began to tear up as I watched her walk away. “Well Sky I want you to me my son Eren and my adopted daughter Mikasa.” Carla said. “Kids met Sky. She will be staying with us for awhile.” I was scared and I began to cry. I miss home and all my friends. I miss Reiner, Bert, Marcel, and Annie. Mikasa noticed me crying and hugged me. I hugged her back and smiled at her.

Timeskip to when the scouts come back

I ran out in front of Commander Shadis. Shadis stopped and looked at me. He knew who I was and he got off of his horse. He bent down to my height. “Sky Summer Well I hate to inform you that your parents have died in the line of duty. They were brave and selfless. They died for the cause and we were and are thankful to have them and knew them. All that we have recover was your mother’s cape.” Shadis says as he hands the cape to me. I felt hot tears form in my eyes but I blink them away. I smile at the Commander and hugged him. People gasped in surprise but him. He hugs me back and gets in his horse. I salute him and say in a confident voice, “My parents gave their hearts to humanity and so did the other who died in battle. I know now that I will follow in the footsteps of my parents!” Shadis nods. “It will be a great honor to train you.” Shadis says as I nod. I run back to Eren and Mikasa. Mikasa hugs me and Eren grabs my hand. He gives it a tight squeeze. I smile at him and we run home as fast as we can.

Time Skip to where they find Carla

Carla begs me to take Eren and Mikasa away. “No! You are like my second Mommy! One died and I won’t let you!” I said as I pulled harder in the metal




I look up to see a titan coming. I pulled harder and the metal lifted up. Eren and Mikasa looked shocked but kept on helping me get it off. But there was a beam on her still. We began to pull when Mr. Hannes came running. I didn’t hear what was happening. I was too focused on saving Carla. The next thing I knew I was picked up facing Carla. Eren was yelling Carla’s name as the titan began digging to get to her. “I LOVE YOU ALL! STAY ALIVE!” She yelled crying. “I LOVE YOU MOMMY!” I said crying. “MOM NO!” Eren yelled as the titan picked her up. “LET MY MOM GO!” I yelled. Carla smiled when she heard me. She began to fight back. The titan squeezed her and then ate her as Eren and I watched in horror. Her blood went everywhere and hit my face. It was the last straw for me. I began to scream in agony and regret. I felt Hannes put me down and began to talk to Eren. I was still screaming and began crying. Mikasa came over and held me while she rocked me back and forth listening to Eren and Hannes. She shushed me as I began to be quiet with a few sobs here and there. Eren and Hannes s finally finished talking and looked at me. Eren came over and put me on his back and carried me to the boat. I fell asleep with my head in the crook of his neck.

Eren’s Pov (Didn’t See This Coming)

I looked over at Sky as Mikasa rocked her back and forth. I realized then that today she lost two mothers. She really thought mom as a mother figure. She would sometimes call her Mommy. Sky was always strong but now I think she has finally broke. I pick her up carefully and began to carry her to the boat. She put her head in the crook of my neck and falls asleep. We got on the boat and I put her down. She looked peaceful as I kissed her forehead.

Time Skip To The Graduation


10. Sasha Blouse

9. Connie Springer

8. Marco Bott

7. Jean Kristen

6. Eren Yeager

5. Annie Leoheart

4. Bertolt Hoover

3. Reiner Braun

2. Mikasa Ackerman

1.  Sky Well Yeager


I smiled. I was in first place!

Reiner, Annie, and Bert’s Pov

We have finally have found her. After all this years. We can finally take her home.

Time Skip To Where Eren Dies

I screamed at the breaded titan as it walked away. I began to cry and scream as Armin calls himself a failure and that he should have died. I stopped and grabbed him by the shoulders. “Armin it's not your fault. I should have been in that titan’s mouth not Eren. I was suppose to guard you guys with my life. I broke my promise.” I said as I looked in his blue eyes. “Sky what do you mean? What are you are saying?” “Hey Sky and Armin where are the other?” Connie asked as he landed next to us. I stood up and helped Armin up. Mikasa came and was asking about Eren. I grabbed her and pulled her in a hug. “Mikasa I broke my promise to my Mom and Mommy. I will fix this ok?” I said and she nods. We then look at everyone and go a little speech. Before we leap off I say something else, “You guys will make a break for HQ with Mikasa.” “What about you?” Reiner asked. “I will distract the titans from you guys. Now listen after this I will be taken for what I am. But always remember gouy that I love and cheerios everyone of you. It's time to reveal who I am and take my fate.” I said as I run and leap off the roof. “FOR I AM THE REBEL TITAN!” I yell as I cut my wrist. Lighting came and stuck me as I turned into my titan.

Armin’s Pov

We all gasped as a titan rose up for where Sky was last at. The titan was female and looked just like Sky. She had long brown hair that went to her shoulders and blue eyes that glow. She was skinless a little bit like the Colossal Titan but looked like a regular titan. She could move her mouth unlike the other titans. She was a 15 meter titan. She roared and looked at us. SHe reached for Mikasa and pets her head and then my head.

Time Skip TO Eren And Sky In A Cell

Sky’s Pov

I felt something warm around my waist. I snuggled into a warm chest. I opened my eyes to see Eren’s teal eyes look in mine. I smile and hugged him tight. “Morning Sky. I am just like you. I can turn into a titan.” Eren said. My eyes widen and then went back to normal. “Don’t you ever scare me like that again Yeager.” I said. I lifted my wrists up only to see chains. “Let me guess the Mps?” I said growling as Eren nods. I shook my head. I hug Eren once more and fall back to sleep.

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