Please stop and think....

Dedicated to those who suffer mentally with depression.... Please stop and think for a second even if it all seems hopeless. Your life is precious to. This is dedicated to a friend of mine, a few actually who suffer like this, i have as well...


2. Poem 2 - Devil's Den

He feels he does not belong

he cries himself to sleep

he vents himself with a song

his wounds, they are cutting deep

angry red scars on his wrist

no one seems understand

they don't the jist

This is more then he can stand

he wants to end his life

he has gone to heck

so he holds his knife

pointing to his neck

he stabs it in to his throat

although tonight his soul rests then

around him his blood pulls to form moat

tonight his spirit lies within the Devil's den


Authors note: To live you are strong, to fall but stand once again you are powerful, you are wise if you know the different between right and wrong, your uniqueness makes you beautiful, please, don't give up, stay hopeful.

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