Please stop and think....

Dedicated to those who suffer mentally with depression.... Please stop and think for a second even if it all seems hopeless. Your life is precious to. This is dedicated to a friend of mine, a few actually who suffer like this, i have as well...


1. Poem 1

Authors note: This was dedicate to a few friends of mine. All poems in here belong to me so please don't copy-right them.


Around your neck is a rope

The scars on your wrists shows how you cope

Forced by abusive hands

In misery, you stand eyes once shimmering are now dull

Self-hating thoughts within your skull

But all is not lost

It is far too much the cost,

Please take away that gun

Do not shoot, it still would not be won

But you can pull through this

I should know have been through this also and you would be missed

Do not give

It easy to die but you are strong if you live

I know it hurts so much you would rather be dead

And that all their words get to your head

That you would want to take five to many a pill

And never wake up, to be cold and still

To go empty and cold

To let the cards all fold

But you are strong

It is they who are in the wrong

Please, what about the ones you love

Your mom who would call you little dove

Your little sister who steal your make up

Your older brother who bought you pup

Your father who wants you to be happy

I know this sounds sappy

But there are people who care about you

And I do to

Your closest freind

Now and then

I am here for you

And they are too



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