An Athlete’s Obstacle in Life

This is a short poem about the struggle of a sport and the determination someone would have. It describes what goes through your mind when working out and feeling like giving up. Sometimes it wins but sometimes you over power it and fight through all the pain. This is a true poem about my first day of training hardcore for soccer. Hope you like!!


1. poem

A hot summers day, mid afternoon

And nervous. Not knowing anyone.

Starting off confused, falling behind

In the drills. He calls me out, the

Embarrassment of not doing push ups right.

Running and running for hours,

But it’s only been twenty minutes.

The sweat running down my face,

The sun scorching my skin.

Suddenly, it’s all spinning.

I have to sit down, not

Able to finish the hour.

I sit and watch the others,

Questioning if I can continue

The day. Determined to not give up,

I finish the final hour, and play soccer.

I fumble the ball under me, trying to

Hard. I try my hardest, but fail.

My legs are like jello. I can’t go on.

I need to finish. Fifteen more minutes

Playing defense. I finish strong, a

Great pass, one last lap, and it’s over.

He says I have potential, to continue

Working hard. In the car and finally home,

Lying on my bed crying, questioning

Whether I can do this again.

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