Happiness a tear river away

A story about Frost, EJ, Kina, Kino, Tea, and Shepard. They go on a journey to find the tear river, it had been said that the tear river was made by the sun dragon, whom of which destroyed the village of Rea, which Frost, EJ, Kina and Kino, and Shepard once lived in, now they are going to have to kill the sun dragon to save the universe.
(This story may not be suitable for people under age 13)


1. prologue

The sun dragon started stomping towards the village of Rea, making a loud thump sound "what is that?!" Yelled Frosts mother as Frost began running, her siblings in her arms. Her mother was running with Frost, taking some of her siblings and running, Frost in hand, but she was too late, she was trampled by the dragon, throwing her children in the process "MOTHER!!" Frost screamed.

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