So Far From Home

Samantha has to leave her home in the city after she finds her dad with another woman. Her mother finds out and takes them on a trip to her grandmothers. Getting out of Washington was a change for her considering the was now in Florida. When she gets to Florida, she finds out something her grandmother didn't tell her. When her best friend come to visit, what will happen? Who are the people across the street and why are they so worried?


1. Prologue~

            I walked home early from school, they'd just let us out because there was a problem with some of the pipes. I turned the corner seeing my house, I walked in quietly seeing dads car outside. I thought work must've let him off early so I wanted to surprise him. I ran into his room and giggled shouting happily," I'm home early!!!" Then I saw the woman, who wasn't mom, in his bed with him. My face fell into a million pieces, just like his did when I found out that I knew. The woman looked a little scared and tried to gather her things to leave, but then mom pulled up after getting the call from school that we were out for the rest of the day. She walked in on her phone talking to a client, ten hung up seeing me in the doorway of her room. She called my name and dad looked paler and sick, she walked to the door, her heels clicking every time they hit the tile floors. She walked into the room and didn't even cry, she looked like she wanted to, but she didn't. She told the woman to get her things together and get out, the woman looked really red and nodded while getting her things together. Mom looked at dad then told me to go to my friend Liz's house. I left happy, not knowing the full extent of what was going on. I still don't know what was said, but I do know that when I got home, that there were lots of tears and boxes. Mom told me we were visiting grandma for a while and that I'd be getting homeschooled there. I was so happy, I haven't seen Grandma or Grandpa in forever! Grandpa always got me, but Grandma was always really tough on me. Mom gave me a box and a roller suitcase to go pack a few things and lots of clothes. I packed all of my jeans and a few pictures, some hair stuff, and my blanket that I've had forever. Mom and I got into the truck the next day, I don't know why dad wasn't going with us, but mom wouldn't tell me. She looked really sad most of the drive to Florida, but she was looking a little bit better when we'd finally gotten there and had a rest. Grandma wasn't too thrilled about everything that was happening, she was grumpy beyond belief. She said she was happy to see me through and to have me do a few chores. She made us supper, some burgers and fries, they were so yummy, then she sent us off to bed. I thought Grandpa was already in bed so I wasn't going to bother him or mom anymore. I went up to moms old room, while she slept in the guest room. I woke up with the sun shining on my face, I ran downstairs to see Grandma making sausage and eggs with toast, but no Grandpa. "Grandma, where's Grandpa at," I asked looking up from the table. She looked at me with a scowl," that old bat is in the old folks home, he finally wore on my last nerves, always fishing and watching those birds!" She continued cooking a little angry, but everything still turned out good. Mom came down the stairs and Grandma looked at her sadly," it's okay Sandra, ya'll are going to be fine here." I did chores for the rest of the day and helped around the house. There was a girl across the street, she was about my age, 15 or 16, she was using roller blades. I walked outside and said," hi, I'm Samantha! I'm new here!" She looked at me for a second, then full force hugged me. "Hi, I'm Martha! It's so nice to see a new face and a girl!!! Do you wanna come over or do something tonight?" She seemed very, excited and hyperactive, but I agreed to go with her. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Later that night~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I walked out of the house wearing a typical going out outfit, a pair of black leggings and a slightly oversized white tee shirt. Sandra met me outside and took me to a party. We danced the entire night with each other and I met her brother. Maybe I was just short, or maybe everyone was just big, but I felt like I was smaler than everyone. I felt like a fish out of water when guys were asking me to dance....

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