memory - 1. the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information. 2. something remembered from the past; a recollection.

ivory is pretty kept to herself. she doesn't go to parties, doesn't drink, doesn't have too many friends, and doesn't talk to people a lot in general. in all actuality, she doesn't really do too much with her social life and doesn't expect life having too much to offer. however, the true horrors of life come to focus after ivory sees an unforgettable tragedy happen to a fellow classmate that will change her life forever.


1. Home is where I belong.


Home is where I belong.


I've officially decided that home is where I belong. For three days now, Myra has asked me the same burning question: "Has anyone asked you yet?" And I have given her the same response: "Myra, if someone were to for some reason ask me to homecoming, I'm 100% positive that you would be the first one to find out." And every time, she gives me the same fake-hurt look and laughs at me because she knows it's true.

However, today, the question came from someone a bit different. Someone from the opposite sex as a matter of fact. I've seen Jack every day now since he arrived and our whole crashing-into-each-other-and-having-an-awkward-conversation has happened. Every day he enters into the cafeteria about 5 minutes late, gets a lunch from the incredibly long lunch line, stands by the cash register and gazes the room for a place to sit, locks eyes with me, and then finally sits down at an empty table near me. Except, today, he decided to sit down. Right. Next. To. Me. He even made the daring move of relocating my bookbag to the other chair.

I stare up at him, fork in mid stabbing of a peach slice. He sits down and places his tray on the table. He doesn't even say anything, he just starts eating his food. I look away from him and look at Myra who is completely unaware that he has even sat down.

I make a noise that sounds like I'm clearing my throat and both of the other beings at the table stop whatever they're doing and look up at me. Without moving my head, I move my eyes to his direction and Myra's eyes follow.

"Well, hello there." She grins, probably screaming on the inside that a new guy is sitting next to me.

"Hey." He says. He puts his fork down and offers his hand to hers. She shakes it from across the table, her eyes gleaming.

I push my brown hair back behind my ears and take in a deep breath, letting it out slowly. A few seconds go by and Jack and Myra are still looking at me awkwardly while I eat some more of my food.

"Delta, do you have anything you would like to tell me?" Myra asks.

"Nope," I respond, popping the p on the end.

I continue eating my peaches. I can feel Myra's eyes burning into me. Jack senses the tension because I feel him shift in his seat uncomfortably.

"I met Delta on Wednesday. We ran into each other on my first day," He says clearing his throat.

"He means literally too," I whisper, letting out a small laugh. 

He laughs too while Myra is sitting completely clueless across the table. She tries to laugh along but completely fails because she has absolutely no idea what we're talking about. Sometimes, she's too much of a people pleaser.

"So, Delta, are you going to homecoming with anyone?"

Myra makes a small noise and taps her fingers on the table. I roll my eyes and look over at Jack, smiling.

"No. Are you?" I ask back, picking at the red nail polish on my fingernails.

"Maybe," He responds, smiling again.

I put my napkin and silverware onto the tray and swing my bag over my shoulder. Standing up, I toss my foam tray into the trash receptacle by the table and stuff my phone and keys into the pocket of my army green bomber jacket.

"Well, the bell is about the ring and I have to get to class. I have an important test today."

"But, Delta, why don't you show Jack where - " Myra starts as I begin to walk away.

"Myra. No, please. Not today .. definitely not today," I give her 'the look' and continue walking to my fourth period AP anatomy class.


. . .


Message Received from Unknown Number at 1:23 pm

- You must be wearing tennis shoes because you've been running through my mind all day.


Message Sent to Unknown Number at 1:29 pm

- I don't run.


Message Sent to Unknown Number at 1:29 pm

- Who is this.


Message Received from Unknown Number at 1:31 pm

- You're biggest dreams, Delta.


Message Sent to Unknown Number at 1:32

- Seriously who is this.


Message Received from Unknown Number at 1:33 pm

- I told you already. I am your wildest dreams :)


Message Sent to Unknown Number at 1:35 pm

- One, do not send me a non-emoji smily face it's creepy. Two, I will block you if don't tell me who you are,



Message Received from Unknown Number at 1:35 pm

- Fine, it's Jack 



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