The Shattered Universe A novel

When the Earth is under attack by aliens, Carl Roam, who lives in Indiana, goes to the Mars Space Station, where he struggles to survive in Outer Space.


10. The Shattered Universe-Part X

The Shattered Universe​ was a hub of activity at night. Lola Shaffer, the Young Princess of Mars, wasn't a real Princess in the strictly royal sense; Lola was a YouTube blogger who wrote about Mars. She exerted a lot of power; she had a lot of Instagram fans who let her know if she was in a mass panic during a visit from Saturn to Jupiter. Mars was too distant to care about-unless she was paid a million credits to make an impact on her fans. At 18, she was worth 450, 000 credits...and counting. She, and Race Harrow, her British boyfriend, was 21 years old. They had their own stalkers who travelled from planet to planet photographing them for ​Mars​ magazine. It was the way it worked for the young and the rich; it was something that had took down the Internet in a rush over an hour; it was severely humorous as the fans were too outraged by the impending disaster. Lola, who had a lot of bling on her grey dress, smiled at Charles F. Young, Jr., her 26 year old bodyguard. He hassled everyone. Then, as they reached the black limousine, the Mars Port Authority, arrested them for using comedy as an excuse for showing off to their fans who really was in charge of The Red Planet.

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