The Shattered Universe A novel

When the Earth is under attack by aliens, Carl Roam, who lives in Indiana, goes to the Mars Space Station, where he struggles to survive in Outer Space.


8. The Shattered Universe-Part VIII

​The Shattered Universe Hotel​ was along the bypass between North Mars, and Middle Mars. South Mars was broken due The Great Implosion disaster of 2010; the Implosion was ordered by President Davis Olsen, Jr., the next African-American man in charge of The Red Planet apart from President Obama on Earth to correct a defect in the planet's system. Jane Harold Snyder, the Deputy President of Earth, gazed at Orville Marsh, III.  "Well, it's over. We can move to Mars, or Neptune, or Saturn...and begin again". Orville, Earth's Richest Man, nodded. "Look, everyone's on Mars. There's nothing here to live for". Suddenly he saw the space ship. "Let's head to Mars", she said. The darkness of the evening didn't bother them. They boarded the last ship for they reached their destination without being hindered by other means.

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