The Shattered Universe A novel

When the Earth is under attack by aliens, Carl Roam, who lives in Indiana, goes to the Mars Space Station, where he struggles to survive in Outer Space.


7. The Shattered Universe-Part VII

​The Shattered Universe​ of Mars was well equipped with a gym. Carl entered through the hologram of a muscular looking owner, Mister Todd, who was a hybrid human/Martian. "Welcome to the Gym of Outer Space. Can I help you, Sir?", it asked in a musical voice. "Yes, I'm new to Mars, and I need to keep fit when Earth exploded...and everything went to mud", Carl said. "That's horrible, Sir. I was in the gym in Saturn, and my wife, Edna, heard a bang noise. The exercise machine died...just died. We had to use 350 credits to fix it up". Carl nodded. "I don't have any credits...". Mister Todd smiled. "You can use the credit cyber-machine to get money. The first thousand credits are free to newcomers to Mars; you have to work for the rest. Do you have a job?", he asked him. "No. I'd like a job here, if I could. I'm Carl". "Please to meet you, Carl. A lot of the humans are overweight because of their diet of eating hamburgers, and fries, you know. I went to Burgers Land​ once...and I literally died from heart disease you know. Well, not was the ​fat​ you know....". Carl nodded. He headed to the machine. A robotic female voice spoke. "​Press 'c'  for credits...and tap the amount you want​". Carl followed the instructions. Then he tapped '300' credits. "​Thank you for shopping. Have a good day on Mars​". He nodded. He checked his brown wallet. He walked to the Customer Service Area. "How much is it for the gym membership?", he asked a grey alien. "50 credits for a year", it said. Carl paid for the membership. He had 250 credits left. "Here's your change". He nodded. Suddenly he saw Rhonda was doing the the gym members were involved in a light to heavy workout for the next hour or so.


"I missed you, Carl", Rhonda said.

"I missed you, too Rhonda. After the gym session, we can look at going to a Hotel for the night". And she smiled, as they spent their first night on Mars.

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