The Shattered Universe A novel

When the Earth is under attack by aliens, Carl Roam, who lives in Indiana, goes to the Mars Space Station, where he struggles to survive in Outer Space.


6. The Shattered Universe-Part VI

The Shattered Universe​ was sometimes overly comedic in tone. Carl stared at the blue alien who sipped a White Sipping Drink; the alien's drink fell down its mouth. It dribbled towards its blue stomach, and onto its green feet. "What are you​ staring at, human?", it asked him. Carl shook his head. "I was seeing that drink was dribbling down your stomach. It must be uncomfortable for you", he answered it. "Nothing is ​uncomfortable", the alien said. He saw Rhonda. "Let's go!", she said. And he nodded, as the alien finished its drink, burped, and headed to the Alien Restrooms.

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