The Shattered Universe A novel

When the Earth is under attack by aliens, Carl Roam, who lives in Indiana, goes to the Mars Space Station, where he struggles to survive in Outer Space.


2. The Shattered Universe-Part II


The​ Shattered Universe, (as it was called), was something alien to Carl. He was thinking about Rhonda; he was thinking about the Mars aliens; he was thinking about a lot of things that mattered to him like Melanie Camp, his ex-wife. The marriage was only two years. But she got half his income...and a house in Mobile, Alabama. She was a gold digger who was high maintenance to look after, especially when it concerned her rings, bling, and jewellery; she was someone who needed to come down from her high throne; she was like the Queen of Indiana-and Carl was the false King who was ruined by her success as a lawyer. He was a painter and decorator by trade. And made sixty thousand dollars a year. ​And they had no children​. Carl, who looked around to see Rhonda talking to the alien, walked towards ​The Mars Café​. He opened the front door. Inside there were several blue and green aliens drinking something that couldn't be drank on Earth; there was something weird about the drinks. ​Maybe it's an alien way of drinking​, he thought to himself...and he waited for Rhonda and the alien to arrive.


Rhonda and the alien, (whose name was Xavier), (it's other name was too hard to pronounce), headed to the café; Rhonda opened the door. "Carl! Are you there? Carl", she said. He turned around. "Yes, I'm here, Rhonda. The drink's are...strange". She laughed at the news. Xavier grinned. "It's Blue Lake everyone loves", it said. And Xavier walked to the orange bar...and ordered a drink there.


Carl stared at the alien girl. It had grey eyes. And was short. "Can I have some Grey Night Beer please?", it asked the waiter in alien language. The waiter, an alien who stood four foot three, nodded. It poured the drink out. "Three black dollars, please", it said. The alien took out five Mars dollars out. The alien waiter smiled. Then it attended to other customers on the Red Planet.

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