The Shattered Universe A novel

When the Earth is under attack by aliens, Carl Roam, who lives in Indiana, goes to the Mars Space Station, where he struggles to survive in Outer Space.


1. The Shattered Universe-Part I


The ​Shattered Universe happened to Carl Roam on Friday, June 8, 1999 when he used a dial-up Internet connection to order a humour book from; the Universe was vast...and full of planets that lacked oxygen. Earth, which was unstable due to corruption, was at death's door. Carl, an ordinary thirty-three year old native of Indiana, felt that Mars was the saviour of Mankind; Mars, unlike Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune, (and the other planets), was now home of the Space Station in which humans would go to when they landed by rockets that took them there at a fast pace. Carl, who was an engineer, hoped that his book called ​The Alien Schemes​ was a small independent bestseller on-line. As he was rummaging through the trash bin, the aliens arrived. Carl, a man of means, gazed at the space ship with awe; he was shivering from the unnatural feelings of dread that coursed through his bloodstream; the bin was dropped near his brown boots. He didn't think that life as he knew it had changed for the worse...not the better. He fled into his house before he was abducted by the aliens. And he knew that the universe was going to explode in an apocalyptic fury.


The cable television newswoman, Riley Gregg, from Indiana 3 News, said: "​We're under attack from the invaders; we've been forced to go to the Mars Space Station...​". Carl opened his front door. He drove his 1995 black van towards the Indiana Airport where everyone was going to get away from the aliens. He headed towards Interstate 80; he reached the airport in an hour. By ten-thirty AM, Carl got out of his car. Other drivers were frantic. They were honking their horns; they were screaming: "Get out of the way!". Carl, who was used to the modern, late 20th century disease of madness, caused him to shudder. He got out of the car. Suddenly he saw the flashing bold sign that read: MARS TIMES: 6 PM TONIGHT. DO NOT MISS THE FLIGHT!!!​. Carl shook his head. He didn't have any luggage; he was determined not to think about that. Suddenly he saw a woman in a white space suit. "Excuse me, are you going to Mars? I'm Carl", he asked her. "Rhonda Zachariah. You can go with me. We've got fifty-three minutes before blast off", she answered.

And Carl smiled.


Carl put on his white space suit on. 

Rhonda did the same.

"Forty-three minutes to go", she said.

And, as they sat on their black seat, both of them were prepared for the first space flight to Mars.


Mars was a red planet in which was full of alien life. Carl shook his head; Rhonda also shook her head. She was smiling at him as they reached for the bright stars. The solar system of Earth was a distant memory. Carl saw the glass windows; he saw the moons in the outer atmosphere. "We'll be on Mars soon, Carl", Rhonda said. He nodded, as the space ship reached its destination.


The ship, which was called The Mars Elite​, stopped. There was a loud swishing ​noise. They took off their black seatbelts. Carl opened the door. Rhonda followed him, as they saw Mars for the first time. "Welcome to Mars. Follow me!", a female alien said. Carl shook his head. The temperature was hot. He sweated from the heat. He walked with Rhonda to a space station that was full of creatures...and humans. As they walked to the glass room, the alien smiled at them. There was another swishing sound. Then the three of them went inside...and Carl's humorous space adventure had begun.

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