Tell Me Lies

"go ahead, lie to me again." i told him as i rested my hands on my hips waiting for him to respond.
"I love you" he shakily responded. That my friends, is when my heat dropped and the pain in my chest began to grow. This pain was new, i have never felt this before. This is what i feared the most; Heartbreak.

1. one

I laid on my floor and stared at the white ceiling, thinking about things that i probably shouldn't be; my previous relationship and how he tasted like the poetry i wish i could write. But that's the thing, everybody's blind when the view is amazing. ive been stuck here for an entire day, no eating, no talking to anybody, nothing but me and my depression, i wasn't laying on the floor by choice but because that's the only thing i know how to do right know. that's it, i thought to my self. i need to go somewhere, but i don't have my car. its in the shop because something is wrong with the brakes. so i sat up for the first time in a day and changed my clothes while fighting with my own conscious, maybe i should just stay here; because i don't want to risk running into him. I grabbed my old worn out combat boots and my leather jacket, and walked into my brother's room. "hey mike, can i borrow your car?" he paused the game of fifa, he had been playing with Calum and turned around, "um, only if ash goes with you?" he said a little nervously, he knew i didnt have the best bond with ashton but any time he isnt being a jack ass he is pretty reasonable and i give him credit. "but mikey, please, i wont wreck your car..." i was pratically begging him at this point. He only wanted ashton to go with me because he didnt want me wrecking his brand new BMW. After 5 more minuets of arguing about the car he tossed me the keys, "god damn, you are annoying." i smiled and caught the keys before they hit the floor. "but you love me!" i yelled as walked down the hall to ashtons room. 

its bad enough i have to share an appartment with my brother, but he had to make it worse when he told 4 of his closest mates they could move in because they didnt like living with their parents.but the only good part is that we split the rent. I made my way down the hallway and knocked on ashtons door, "can i come in for a second?" i could hear him get up off his bed and shuffle to the door, he opened the door and chuckled, "wow, you're alive!" i frowned and sat on his desk chair, "shup the hell up ashton." he sat on his bed and smiled, "youre the one who came in here, what do you want anyway Tana?" i smiled at the nickname he has for me bacause when i first met him he thought it would be funny to call me santa instead of Santana, and that was better than being called santa, and i liked Tana. "im going out do you need anything from the store?" he laughed, "no but since when did you decide to be nice to me?" he asked half joking. I stood up and walked toward the door and turned around, "Because maybe if im nice to you, you wont be such a jack ass to me..." he stood up and pushed me out the doorway, "Oh Santa, thats not even the beginning." and with that he slammed the door, i turned around and opened Luke's bedroom door revealing a very sweaty luke with a bottle of lotion next to him and his laptop quickly covered by the blanket he was covered with. living with 4 boys i kind of got used to this, even if it wasnt the easiest thing to get used too. either it was deal with 4 boys or go live with some stranger, but either way im not going to bother my mother. i covered my eyes and turned around, "shit, sorry. but since im in here do you need anything from the store?" i could hear him moving things around and putting things away and opening drawers. Soon enough, i felt a hand on my shoulder and i cringed. moving forward i took my hand off my eyes and laughed, "what are you doing?" he chuckled and grabbed his wallet off his dresser, "Im going with you... Duh."

I started the car and pulled out of the driveway. I kept my eyes on the road as Luke plugged in his phone and was playing music ranging from Green Day to Ariana grande. "um Santa, the grocery store is the other way." i looked over at him and turned down the music, "we arn't going to the grocery store." i smiled and he raised his eyebrow showing he was curious as to where we were going. He shook his head and paused the music, "Santana tell me where the hell you are taking me." he said a little frustrated. we stopped at a red light and i smiled, "we are going to the mall." i smiled and ran a hand through my long black hair then twisted my nose ring. he put his head in his palm and cursed under his breath, "bloody hell Santana, if wanted to go to the mall i would've gone with the boys not with you, i thought we were going to get groceries because Calum buys shit for food. and its your week for grocery shopping." i pulled into the mall parking lot and parked the car in front of the south entrance. i looked at Luke and took off my seat belt, "are you done bitching yet?" with that he grabbed his phone and stepped out of the car, and into the store we went. 


sup guys, this is definatly not baby girl so im sorry. im a little bit of a mess and dint like any of the previous story lines i had written. im sticking to this one no matter what. i know this chapter is short but i wanted to get to know the biginning of the plot as the author of this novella. 

if you are confused, all the 5sos members are played as them selves. i dont know anyone who lookes like santana except for 'santana' from glee but with black hair, a nose ring, blue eyes, and around 5"7'

Santana is michael cliffords little sister by 1 year, she is 18 and he is 19 in this novella. they all live in one appt because michael and santana have been on theor own since michael was 16 and he took her with him. the rest of the buys were living with their parents. the cliffords parents are out of the picture and i dont have a plan to bring them in to the story just yet. they are all out of school, (they all dropped out except ashton, he is the only remotly normal one there ig.) the story will go on as i come up with more ideas, i dont have an updating schedual yet. 

comment, like, and favorite!

love y'all, haileigh

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