I fell in love with a Demon

Liliana Falls in love with a demon she is a Angel in training and will soon find out that every little thing that happens triggers something good or bad to happen to her. Her love is named Peril funny that his name means risk of danger the danger is that he falls in love with me our two sides aren't aloud to cross but one day we break the barrier.


2. Charachters

Firstname: Peril

Middle: Death

Last: Sanity

Demon Or Angel: Demon

Type of angel/demon: Demon Prince

Mom & Dad: Aurthiny (Mom) Elic (Dad)
Peace or war: war with other angels peace with the princess

A/N: I know this is taking second chapter but i forget to add the people first one

Firstname: Lilliana

Middle: Angelic

Last: Sallay

Demon Or Angel: Angel

Type of angel/demon: Angel Princess

Mom & Dad: Arianna (Mom) Ben (Dad)

Peace or war: Peace



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