Too Broken To Love


Naoni is the type of girl who masks her true feelings and pain to make others happy. She has been in a relationship for the past 4 years. To outsiders, they're happy and "GOALS" but behind closed doors, it's a nightmare. A nightmare that replays for her over and over again. Just when she thinks things get worse, they change for the better. But what's the reason for this change? Or should i say who?

( This story starts of fast.... It was written this way to show that time means nothing. Years and months cannot be compared to the person behind them. So who will Naoni choose? Years or months?)



2. Our Bond


Ny's P.O.V

At around 8 o'clock at night, I made my way  home and I was tired as hell, but I was happy I met Jas. I went inside and dropped on the couch not moving a muscle. After an hour of being lazy, I decided to call Jas. 
"Uh...Hello?" She answered after the third ring. 
"H-Hey Jas, It's Ny."
"Wassup Ny, You okay?"
"Yea, just thought I would call you." I heard noises and laughter in the back round.
"Guys shut up! Oh ok Ny."
"Am I interrupting? I can call later."
"Nah it's cool. You're more important." I started blushing and was happy she couldn't see me.
"Of course Ny. you by yourself?"
"Yea. Nici hasn't been home since what happened last night."
"Want some company?"
"Aight what's your address?"
"Clearwater apartments,building 6, door number 18A."
"Aight be there in a few."
"Ok see you later." I said before I hung up.  I didn't realize how hungry I was until I got of the phone with Jas so i decided to make some steak and rice.  About 5 minutes after I started cooking, Jas was at the door, which kinda aggravated me cause I was hungry but I answered the door.
"Hey Ny." Jas said licking her lips. 
"Um.. H-Hey."
"It smells good."
"Thanks. You hungry?"
"Nah..I'm cool."
"we both know you lying. Sit." She sat down and laughed
"Aight aight fine." 
"Hey I wanna Thank you again for helping me out yesterday."
"It's no problem. I'm glad i did."
"Me too." I said as I made our plates. "Here. I would've made something better if I knew you were gonna eat with me."
"Ny this is fine." she grabbed my hand and kissed it a few times before she started eating. I hid behind my hair and turned to 50 shades of red.
"Ny this is fucking good."
"Hey can I ask a personal question."
"i-if  you'll l-let me ask one in return."
"of course." she winked and took another bite."How long have you been stuttering?" I looked down and took a deep breath. "You don't have to answer it." she didn't notice the tears sliding down my face and i didn't even know i was crying until they stained my pants.
"I-It's f-fine." my voice cracked but i continued. " I want to answer." I looked up and she nodded. She wiped my tears away and looked at me.
"It's ok Naoni."
"When the a-abuse with Nici got w-worse, which w-was a-about 2 y-y-years into our r-relationship, that's when I s-s-started  s-stuttering, b-but it w-wasn't this b-bad u-until she s-started h-hitting me e-every time I s-stuttered." the tears kept flowing but I managed to look at her.
"That's bullshit. Ny just say the words and I will beat her ass. Ooohh I can't wait for that day."
"J-Jas i-it's ok."
"Nah, but what's your question."
"Where did that scar come from?"
"what scar?"'
"The one on the back of your shoulder."
"You saw that?" I nodded "I got into a situation with a group of guys. They were hired by my dad and sent to kill me."
"Holy shit! What happened to them?"
"That's for another day beautiful." she winked and put our dishes away. I glared at her."What!? Ha. remember it was only one question."
"Yea yea." She pushed me against the fridge and nibbled on my ear.
"It sucks that you got a girl." she whispered.
"I know..." I sighed. She chuckled and kissed my cheek. 
"Thanks for dinner beautiful. I'll text you later."
I nodded and kissed her cheek before she left. She opened the door and winked at me before she walked towards her car closing the door behind her. I finished cleaning up and laid on the couch and watched a movie on BET. It was diary of  mad black woman and I always felt like it was for me. i dozed off but was woken up by my phone. Jas texted me.
Jassssss: Hey Ny, you sleep?"
Ny: nah I'm watching a movie
Jassssss: What movie?
Ny: diary of a mad black woman
Jassssss: Aye that's my shit
Ny: lol 
Suddenly the door nob started wiggling and my heart drop. 
Ny: fuck .. Jas I gotta go I think Nici's home. 
Jassssss: ok 
I deleted our messages but i only left the business ones and changed her name to Jasmine. I put my phone on the table and got up putting a plate of food in the microwave for her. I started wiping the kitchen counters down, as my heart almost fell out my chest. 
"Who the fuck was in my house!" 
"My co-worker."
"The same one Shanae told me about! She saw you holding hands!"
"No She's l-" Nici grabbed me by my hair and threw me on the floor. i hit my lip and my head on the counter. I screamed in pain when i felt a pop in my ankle. She smirked and punched me causing more blood to seep down my face. She loved watching me bleed, it killed me inside knowing that she broke me down. She fed on power and fear and i had to figure out how to stop giving it to her. She pulled me out of my thoughts by connecting her foot to my face. She picked me up by my throat and slammed me against the wall choking me. 
"Why the fuck would you betray me like that Ny!?! 
"I-I-I d-didn't."
"That's not what Shanae said!" she tightened her grip and I started seeing stars.
"S-She's l-lying N-N-Nici...P-Pl-Please N-Nicki! S-she'sl-l-lying.." she let me go and i was wheezing and gasping for air.
"I don't believe you. Let me see your phone." I pointed to the table i put my phone on as i started coughing up blood. She looked at me, fear across my face and worry briefly washed over her face before she turned back into the cold hearted assholeshe was."What's the password!"
"Y-you're b-birthday." she looked through our messages and her face softened. 
"N-Ny. i'm s-sorry." she said reaching for me. 
"N-no!" I limped to the room snatching my phone from her before I walked inside. I grabbed a bag of clothes and locked the door behind me before I dialed  Jas' number.
"Ny?" she spoke in a tired tone.
"J-Jas I-I'm s-sorry. Go back to sleep."
"Nah I was supposed to be working on paper work anyway." Nici started banging on the door.
"Ny??? What's going on?" Jas asked wide awake by now.
"Nici just had a m-melt d-down and I-i-I'm f-f-fucking s-scared." I just broke down. I was so tired and sore. She just added on to the wounds she created 2 days ago.
"I'm on my way Naoni."
"No J-Jas this i-isn't y-your fight. W-we j-just m-met, i c-can't a-a-ask y-you to do t-that. W-w-we c-can just t-t-talk on the p-p-phone until she c-calms d-d-down." 
"Fuck that shit..... I'm coming just stay away from her till I get there."
"I don't know how long that's gonna last." i gave in, knowing that I wasn't gonna win and I wanted to leave. 
"I'm coming. Be there in 5." I deleted my call log and grabbed my things
"Babbyy. i'm sorry." she said through the door.
"Nici I need some time."
"WTF! nah. Open the fucking door!" I just sat there until I finally heard a snap and the door fell. "Ny you're staying your ass here." 
"No I'm not!" She slapped me knocking me down, causing me to hit my head again. 
"Who The Fuck Are You Talking To N-" I grabbed a lamp and knocked her ass out and dipped. I grabbed my keys and left. now ya'll proabaly wanna know why I grabbed my keys but imma have to come back for my shit. i ran outside and just kept running. I ignored the pain in my ankle and ran as fast as my feet can take me, not looking back. My throat still burned from her choking me and I was getting light headed from the blows to my head and lack of  air but I didn't stop. 10 minutes passed by and I finally stopped running.My phone started ringing and it was Jas.
"Naoni! Where are you?"  
"N-Near s-s-s-seven e-e-eleven. "
"how the fuck did you get there!?!"
"I r-ran. hurry J-Jas p-please." I said in between coughs. There were spots of blood on my jacket and every time I coughed, the need to stay awake didn't matter anymore 
"ok." While i waited for Jas, I kept moving, I was too afraid to stop. Finally, i saw headlights and Jas pulled up next to me.
"Naoni!?" As she got out the car, her figure slowly started to fade. 
"T-thanks f-for c-c-coming." I started losing my balance and Jas ran towards me. I started coughing up blood again as I felt my body getting weak.
"Ny!" I felt her arms around me before I completely blacked out. I woke up and looked into the eyes that did so much for me in the past two days. 
"You're welcome Ny." She kissed my forehead and closed the car door before she walked towards the front door of a house. I tried to slip out of her arms but she caught me and tightened her grip. "Nope."
"J-jas I c-can walk." She put me down but didn't let go. Every step I took I felt pain in my left leg, but I tried not to show it. I bit my lip until we finally made it to the steps of her house.
"You're in pain aren't you?" I nodded as I sat on the step and waited for her to open the door. I tried to rub my ankle to sooth the pain, but i winced as soon as my fingers touched my anklebone. My phone kept going off. I shook my head and turned it off knowing it was Nici. Jas opened the door and looked at me. I lifted my arms up and she picked me up. I wrapped my legs around her waist and snuggled my face in her neck. She turned on the lights and i took the opportunity to look around.
"Holy fucking shit Jas!"
"What?" She chuckled 
"Your place is beautiful."
"Almost as beautiful as you." she said, it was kinda corny but it was still cute.
"that's not true." i looked at the ground avoiding eye contact as her grip tightened. She sat down making me straddle her. She grabbed my chin forcing me to look at her. 
"of course it is. Nici is a fucking bitch okay. She doesn't know how to treat you, but that doesn't make you any less beautiful. understand?"
"yea." I slightly smiled. She made me feel so special and important. Nici never made me feel this way, even before she turned fucking evil.
"Come on,lets clean you up." I nodded and she stood up taking me to her master bathroom. She placed me on the sink and reached for my shirt.
"Naoni I need to clea-."
"J-Jas you never saw e-e-everything and now there's m-m-more."
"Naoni I'm gonna help you." I looked away and just let her take it off. I was too tired to fight or argue.
"You don't have to do this." She threw my shirt on the floor and grabbed some bandages, finally looking at the scars and bruises. Her Jaw tightened and she looked away. "I'll be ok, just forget it." I said trying to get down.
"Nice try." She caught me just before my feet hit the ground and put me back on the sink. She ran her hands along my side. I hissed in pain, a tear escaped once again, and she looked at me. "Did I hurt you?"
"N-No, I-I just c-c-can't b-believe I l-l-let it g-g-get this b-bad." 
"You were afraid of her, but you are getting your strength back. You'll know what I'm talking about just wait. You should take a bath." 
"I-I d-don't like baths."
"What!? who doesn't like baths."
"Me." I laughed but there was some pain behind it.
"Well, it used to be because I felt like I was just sitting in dirty water, but now it's just bad memories. Almost every good thing, she turned into a nightmare."
"Don't tell me she  did what i think she did."I nodded
"Yea, she took her food out the microwave and it wasn't fucking hot enough so she tried to drown me, but i stabbed her in the neck with my rat-tail comb." we both laughed.
"I'm not gonna hurt you."
"I know."
"I can leave."
"No, I can't walk remember?"
"Yea i do, but i didn't think you'd want me to stay."
"It's fine, just don't laugh." i looked down avoiding eye contact.
"Never." She kissed my forehead and started the bath.
"Jas! No bath...uuugh."
"You can rinse off after, but you can't stand babygirl." I bit my lip and nodded. She is too sexy for her own good. A few minutes later, and it was full. She poured some soap in and looked at me. "Come here." I limped my ass over to the tub and sat on the edge. She helped me undress. When I was completely naked, I hid behind my hair. "Ny, you're beautiful. Stop hiding. You're scars are your stripes." She moved my hair out the way and I looked at her.
"t-thanks, but you're actually the first person to see me naked, besides Nici. After everything changed, I didn't even change my shirt in front of my brother or Miri.
"Wow,but you have a brother?"
"I have a few, but Ty is my brother too. Well step-brother but eh it doesn't matter."
"Come on." She said shaking her head and laughing. She picked me up and put me in the tub. "How are you gonna take a shower?" 
"You're gonna help me."
"I can't hold you up for long Ny."
"You can if you join me." I don't know what possessed me to say that, but it felt right.

Jas's P.O.V

"You can if you join me." Those words kept replaying over and over again.
"I'm sorry what?"
"Join me. I trust you and I really don't wanna take a bath." I nodded and got undressed. She Moved to the other side of the tub and let the water out before she tried to get out. I helped her up and she ran her hands across my stomach. She looked at me and bit her lip.
"Shit." she whispered.
"What?" I chuckled. She was too cute.
"You're just mmmm." She looked at me again. "To the shower." She said in a super hero voice and put her arm out.
"You're a mess." I laughed. We got to the shower and I turned the water on and made her lean against the wall so i could take my sports bra off. I got in and it was so hard not to push her against the wall and make her scream my name, but patience is key.  "Come on beautiful." I led her to the water and she hissed once the water touched her. "Ny you okay?"
"Aaah!!!" She grabbed on to me and sobbed. My heart ached for her. I didn't like seeing her hurt. 
"Fucck Man!! Aahh!!" I held her for about 10 minutes until she stopped sobbing.
"Are you okay??" I asked, tears escaping my eyes, she nodded as she grabbed the shampoo and started washing my hair. She bit her lip occasionally and that alone drove me crazy. "Ny...stop doing that."
"doing what?" She looked at me and tilted her head. 
"You're teasing love." I whispered in her ear.
"hmmm I don't recall doing such a thing." She looked in my eyes and chuckled. I shook my head and continued to wash my hair. Ny tried to wash herself and keep her balance but ending up slipping. I caught her and laughed. "How is this funny Jas?"
"Because you are veryyy stubborn Ny. If you listened to me, you wouldn't have to do all of this." I shook my head again and started washing her since she was struggling. I had music playing since I thought she was actually going to wash alone. Don't by Bryson Tiller started playing and she was singing. 
"Don't play with her don't be dishonest...still not understanding this logic, I'm back and I'm better. I want you bad as ever..." She continued to sing as she started washing her hair. I was just admiring how beautiful and care free she was. I just don't know why Nici treats her the way she does. Ny is gold man and Nici is fucking up something one of a kind. "I don't know what to say ay-but.."
"What a shame, if you were mine you would not get the same, if you were mine you would top everything. Suicide in the drop switching lanes. and that thing so fire baby no propane...." i sung as she turned around a looked at me. She turned the water off, but I kept singing, never taking my eyes off of her. She licked her lips and hid her face every time we made eye contact. I put on a sports bra and wrapped a towel around my waist before i grabbed a towel and a sports bra for her and helped her out the shower and back into my room. 
"You can sing Jas..." she said shock written all over her face.
"So can you Ny." I laughed at her facial expression. I kissed her forehead and wrapped her foot before i left to let her get dressed. I went downstairs and cleaned up the mess  I made in the kitchen and the living room before I got Ny. About an hour later, I heard screaming. i ran upstairs into my room and Ny, was sleep but she was screaming and crying. 
"STOP!!! NO..No..No!"
"Ny!?!" She was wheezing and sobbing.
"S-S-Stop!" I picked her up and put her in my lap. I rubbed her face and rocked her.
"Ny???" She kept sobbing, she was still sleeping. I started singing let me love you by Ne-yo. "Much as you blame yourself, you can't be blamed for the way that you feel.." She gasped again and jumped up slightly before she woke up.
"Jas!?!..." she looked so afraid and worried.
"Naoni?? I'm right here babygirl." she caressed my face and looked in my eyes as if she was looking for confirmation.
"You're ok?" She spoke softly.
"Ny?? what happened?"
"She hurt you.. s-she t-t-tried to kill y-you." she was shaking her head and she tried to slip out of my arms. 
"Where are you going?"
"I-I n-need t-to leave... I-I d-don't w-want y-you t-t-to get hurt b-b-because of me J-jas.."
"Ny.. I told you that I can handle myself love. you need to rest. Trust and believe, she ain't gonna do shit to me." I spoke with venom seeping from every word I spoke. She nodded and straddled me. She kissed my neck before she barried her face in my neck and whispered "Thank you". 
"You're Welcome...Ny, no matter what i got you. Remember, i promised."
"Because you're fucking crazy Jas. i don't know why you did such a thing, but it's too late now." I chuckled and got up and laid down in the bed with her laying on top of me. I turned to the side and covered us in the blanket. She was not trying to let go and I know she was afraid to sleep. 
"i got you Ny, I'm right here. Sleep." She nodded and finally drifted to sleep...

4 Months Later

Ny's P.O.V

It's been 4 months since i met Jas and 4 months since Nici beat me. She's been trying to "Make up" from last time and she felt stupid when her little bird came back with "info".  Jas and I have gotten really close since I've been staying with her, she's taken me out and we've gotten to know each other better. I know we both have love for food, her birthday is June 20th, we're both attracted to all girls, labels don't matter, she's very intelligent and so on. We haven't really talked about our pasts yet and that's ok, but i think that's part of the reason why she's so protective. She didn't want me to go back to Nici's place, and she wouldn't listen when I told her it was temporary.

--------- FLASHBACK -----------
It was around 11pm,and Jas fell asleep on the couch and i was upstairs packing some of my things. My plan was to go back to Nici's get the rest of my shit, and leave. She hasn't been home that much, so i believe I'll be ok. Most of my things were at my new place and i just wanted this to be over with.
"Ny??" Jas questioned in a sleepy tone, as she made her way in "our" room.
"Hey.. how'd you sleep?" I asked as she watched me walk around the room grabbing things I needed.
"W-where are you going?" she looked hurt and sad.
"I'm going to get the rest of my things and officially leave her."
"N-No! You can't go there by yourself Ny!"
"I know, but I don't want you to get hurt."
"The fuck you mean!! what about you Ny?!?"
"I rather it me than you. Look I'm not going back to her,I just don't really know how Imma tell her."
"Ny...I can't risk you getting hurt. I care about you."
"I know, I care about you too. That's why I have to go alone. if something happens to me, it wasn't your fault. I'm just stubborn." She looked at me with fear and sadness as a tear dropped down her cheek.

Jas' P.O.V (flashback)

I woke up on the couch,and slightly panicked when Ny wasn't laying next to me like she was before I fell asleep. I got up and made my way upstairs hoping she was up here. I walked in my room, well our room, and my heart dropped she was packing. We had a slight argument about what the fuck she thought she was doing. She thinks going back, alone, is safe.

"Ny...I can't risk you getting hurt. I care about you." I said to her, hoping she would stay and we would go together in the morning.
"I know, I care about you too. That's why I have to go alone. if something happens to me, it wasn't your fault. I'm just stubborn she said. I looked at her knowing the fear and sadness was clear on my face. I tried to hold in my tears, but they seemed to escape anyways. She walked up to me and caressed my face. " I'm coming back to you Jas. I promise." She pecked my lips and grabbed her things. I grabbed her arm and pinned her against the wall. I connected her lips to mine with the fear that this would be the last time. She pulled away slightly, "Jas, p-please. This isn't g-" I smashed my lips to hers again and she didn't hesitate to move in sync with mine. I slid my hand up her shirt and ran my fingers along her waist. She shivered in response and pulled us closer together. A slight moan escaped my lips when her cold hand touched my bare skin. I was only in a sports bra and basketball shorts and she seemed to be amused by my attire (WINK*).  She found her way to my hair pulling slightly causing me to moan again. I wanted her, but I pulled away. She looked at me with desire and need, but I don't think she realizes that I feel like this about her everyday. The need for her, looking at her and feeling as if the incomplete puzzle is finally complete. She is the light of my life, and she doesn't even know it.
"Naoni, I can't lose you."
"Jas, you won't lose me."
"So, we'll finish this when you get back." I said as another tear fell.
"I'm coming back to you Jas. I promise." She kissed me again before she walked out. I heard her feet pad down the stairs and the door opened and closed. She was gone, just like that. I hope it wasn't forever.

-------- End Of Flashback ---------

Ny's P.O.V

I made my way to Nici's front door. I walked in and she was on the couch watching netflix. She turned around at me and she lit up. 
"Ny?!? Babe?!?! I'm so glad you're home." I didn't say anything. I just looked at her. "Why did you leave anyway?"
"Seriously? Why did I leave?!"
"Fuck it. Just glad you're back." She walked up to me and kissed me. I stood there and she grabbed my wrist making me wince. I kissed back, but everything I ever felt for her was gone. i hated her with every ounce of blood in me. She whispered I love you and walked into her room and went to bed.


"Ny? Babe..."
"I'm leaving, give me kiss." I really missed this side of her but I knew it was a matter of time before this went away. I kissed her but those butterflies were gone. She pulled away and pecked my lips again before she grabbed her things and left for work."Lah you."
"Love you" Saying these words to her made me cringe. I hated her so much, but the rest of the day was good. Nici came home and made dinner she bought more flowers and kept apologizing. Just then there was a knock at the door. I walked to the door and opened it, Shanae (Nici's bird/bitch) stood there with an attitude.'
"H-hey Ny I wanted to tell you how sorry I was but I needed to tell you something in person."
"Um.. Okay. What is it?"
"Me and Nici are engaged. We have been for 6 months now. She told me she broke up with you but ya'll living together till you get on your feet. She said she planning on giving you the place and moving in with me, and I'm pregnant she paid for a donner and it worked the first time we went to the sperm bank. She said you'd have to leave before I was 4 months because i might move in her since it's a better area."
"Woowww... hahaha okay. How many months are you?" I was curious but i was planning on leaving for real. I bought a place a week ago and my stuff is already there she just hasn't noticed since she ain't never home no more, but now i know why. I'm not upset because she cheated, i'm upset that she wanted to continue to break me down and keep me as her human punching bag.
"Babe your foods getting cold, who's at the..... shit."
"Nici, Shanae just filled me in on a little secret and it looks like you have a plan. I have been through hell with you and you basically forced me to stay with you knowing you had someone else!!!! fuck both of yall!!" Nici closed the door and told Shanae to wait outside (SHIT!) . She locked the door and punched me right in my cheek. I fell and she started kicking me. Before I could get up, I felt something hit me in the back of my head. Stars flashed before my eyes and I blacked out. I don't think it was for long because I heard Nici yelling.
"I ain't nobody's bitch nici and I should've left your ass a long time ago." I said as I stood over her. She grabbed my leg and rolled us over so she was on top. She punched me but I was blocking my face and they were weak blows. Which kind of surprised me since I know she hits hard as fuck. I rolled us over and let out all my anger. She started laughing and i looked at her confused before i hit her again. She had a devilish smile on her face as blood dripped down her face. All of a sudden,  i felt a sharp pain in my side. (bruh this bitch stabbed me --_-) i screamed in pain as she twisted the knife before she pulled it out . I kicked her crazy ass and got up but ended up blacking out from the pain (which was a bad time). I finally woke up and came back to my senses. I got up and felt a shock of pain all through my body. Her weak ass can only go off when I'm not responsive. She snuck up behind me and slammed me against the wall. Somehow I managed to knock her out with a lamp. (Shit I'm a doctor I could've used a pressure point but eh she deserved it, lamps were kinda my thing lol.) I grabbed the few things i had left and made my way to my car. Shanae ran towards me.
"Naoni!?!? Oh my god! Are you-"
"Shut up but she's all yours Shanae. You don't know what you got yourself into."
"She loves me ok. You must have been doing something wrong. If you just did what she wanted you would've been fine dumbass!"
"Yea ok. Keep thinking that dumbass. The whole time you've been spying on me,you should've been getting your facts straight, but you might have it a little easier since you're pregnant."I hoped in my car and tended to my wound as best as I could before I texted Tyler.

Ny: Ty tell Miri. I left her and Shanae is engaged to her and they got a baby otw......Immediately after, Tyler texted me.
Ty: Damn that fucking hoe. But Ny, are you ok?
Ny: We fought but I'm good.
Ty: Are you hurt?
Ny: On my way to my place. It feels so good to be free! Don't tell Jas!
Ty: Ny!!!?? r u hurt? stop avoidin the question.
Ny: She stabbed me.
Ty: WHAT!!!! I'm not in town OMG OMG 
Ny: Chill Ty i'm good I wrapped it up I'll make it home. I'll be home in an hour.  
Ty: Okay Call me if anything happens.
Ny: Okay i promise. DON'T TELL JAASS! DOONN'T!!!!
Ty: yea yea

Our convo ended at that and I blasted my music feeling relieved. About 5 minutes after my talk with Ty, Jas was calling me. I didn't answer the first time, but she called again so I answered.
"Ny??? Are you okay?"
"Y-yes i promise, but I'm driving so we'll talk later."
"Okay babygirl. Be careful please."
"I will."

--------------- 1 HOUR AND 30 MINS LATER ---------------

I made it home fine and i got out of the shower. Miri texted me and told me Tyler told her. I was afraid to ask Jas if she could stitch me up because I know she would be furious at Nici but I know that she'll say yea. So now i'm just on my couch chillen thinking about everything that happened. Suddenly, there was a knock on my door.  It kept going non stop.

"I'm coming!!! SHIT!!" I opened the door and there was a worried and pissed off Jas. "J-"
"Lemme see it!"
"Jas I'm Fine dont wo-"
"Nah bullshit lemme see."
"I'm good Jasmine!" I said glaring at her
"Bullshit Naoni!"
"Tyler told you didn't he!"
"He Knew you weren't gonna tell Me!"
"It's not that serious...chill"
"Really?" she said as she pointed to my now stained T-shirt.
"FINE!" She lifted my shirt and took off the bandage. 
"Really! It's not bad! That's fucking horrible and deep Ny! We were on the phone,why didn't you tell me"
"Chill Jas!"
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"I didn't want you to worry or do anything crazy."
"Me? Do something crazy?" I nodded "You damn right! I'm gonna fuck her up!"
"No you're not Jas!"
"Think whatever you want, I'm coming for her head.."
"Jas don't."
"Where's your thread and needle?"
"Ugh... in the bathroom cabinet." i shook my head knowing I wasn't gonna win this one. She grabbed my hand and took me to the bathroom with her. "Jas?" She didn't answer she just kept searching through my cabinet. "Jas?! " nothing.. "Are you mad at me?" Tears ran down my cheek and she realized I was crying because she turned around and looked at me. She ran her thumb against my cheek wiping my tears away.
"Why would I be mad baby girl?"
"B-because, I'm me Jas. I'm paranoid and broken. On our week off you're here stitching me up. Because I didn't tell you first. Just everything."
"I'm not mad at you Ny. You are amazing how you are. You're the way you are because of her and I understand that. I'm mad at her and what she did to you. But not you okay?" I nodded but the tears kept falling. She looked at me with pain hidden in her eyes but I knew she wanted to protect me. She stitched me up and I just watched her. She took her time and she was gentle. Every time i whimpered she looked at me. "Done." she washed her hands a grabbed a bandage. She picked me up and put me on the sink. I didn't tell her about the other wounds especially on my head,and I was surprised she didn't notice. She wrapped the bandage around my side and I tried so hard not to cry out in pain. My back was horrible from when I blacked out, worse from anytime before. Jas would fucking flip. She picked me up again placing me down. 
"Thanks Jas. I'll call y-"
"Nah.. Nope Not happening. I'm staying until Ty and Miri get back. They told me to and I'm glad they did cause I don't have to argue with you." She said and winked at me as she grabbed a soda out the fridge. 
"What about your clothes?" 
"My car." I looked at her and shook my head in defeat. She wrapped her arms around me and I shook in pain. "Ny? You okay?" 
"Y-yea J-J-Jas I'm j-just c-cold." She searched my eyes and sat on the couch. We watched movies for hours,and i was hot as hell. Jas wrapped me in this big ass blanket cause i said i was cold. I just went with it because i knew she would flip out if she knew the truth, and it was still kinda early and I was kind of scared of going to sleep.  Just then Jas started rubbing her hand through my hair and rubbing circles on my neck. I bit my lip and smiled at her. She chuckled and kept going. I liked this feeling, it was new to me  but I liked it. Spending time with someone you care about and not being afraid of what might happen if you spill a drink or play a movie they don't like. She just ran her fingers through my hair, I wanted her to stop but i didn't.  Suddenly I felt pain rush through my head and I hissed while i pulled back. I felt tears running down my face but i didn't look at her.
"Ny?" she said looking at her now blood stained fingers.
"I-I'm f-fine J-Jas" I shook my head slightly waiting for the pain to ease. 
"Come here." she spoke low and soft as is she was on the verge of breaking down.
"No, Jas I'm f-fine."
"That scream didn't sound fine."
"Jas I'm f-"
"N-Naoni p-please." I moved closer to her and she ran her hands through my hair but very lightly this time. I heard her gasp.
"Jas don't." she nodded and clenched her jaw. She was pissed and I was kinda scared.
"You have more don't you?" This time her voice was deep and filled with anger and pain.
"Jas I-I-I uuh." I couldn't speak once the tears escaped. I just nodded and she sighed.
"L-lemme see." she said not hiding the pain in her voice as her voice cracked. I took of the long T-shirt exposing my sports bra and boxers. 
"Jas, don't worry about it." I said about to put my shirt back on.
"Stop hiding them Ny. Just show me." I took my shirt back off and walked up to her. She trailed her hands along my sides and was trying to fight her tears. Tears began to fall down her face as I got up turning around. She started sobbing shaking her head. I put my shirt back on and walked over to her again.
" Jas don't. you can't do anything cr-"
"No! she hurt you Ny! Bad. T-That right there is not okay. I haven't seen anything like that and I'm a fucking doctor." She looked at me and kissed my forehead. "I'll be back."
"J-Jas No!"I yelled as i grabbed her arm trying to pull her back. She stopped in her tacks and looked at me. I got up and wrapped my arms around her neck. "Don't do this Jas I'm okay."
"What I saw is not okay, and we both know that you're not okay Ny."
"Just let it go, she will hurt you." She didn't listen to me as she walked out the door and towards her car. I was so scared but i was also scared of what she'd do to me if I went after her. So,i stayed put.

Jas' P.O.V

What Nici did to Ny was so horrible and fucking wrong. If you love someone, raising your hand in abuse shouldn't even cross your mind. As I got in my car, I called Tyler. I needed to know where this girl lived or worked shit both.

"Hey Jas!?! Wassup bro?"
"Ty...Give Me Nici's address" 
"Woah what's going on?"
"She hurt Ny Tyler her bruises and cuts are bad as hell and I had to give her 35 fucking stitches!!"
"Jas, you know about her past, and some of her secrets. Does she know yours?"
"Nah, but i promise to tell her when i get back."
"Aight it's 55 forest road,and she works at the hookah bar on 10th."
"Thanks bro." I hung up and drove to her job." After 30 minutes, i pulled up into the parking lot of Nici's job. I walked in acting casual as if i didn't know she worked here. I ordered cranberry juice and vodka. 10 minutes later I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up to see the devil herself. 
"You're Jasmine Santiago, the new girl that took my girlfriend." She caught people's attention at those words but they were about to get a rude awakening.
"Nicole Jones, i didn't steal her from you. You pushed her away. If you really loved her why did you beat her. She doesn't even know what love is anymore. After you stabbed her, she left you for good. I didn't do anything. You had people spying on her you cheated on her and got engaged with a baby on the way." Everyone gasped and I felt a hand across my face. Anger boiled up in me as i made my way towards her and punched her several times."You shouldn't have done that." I grabbed her by her throat and threw her against the wall." Y-you d-don't't l-love her. N-No one c-can. I-I g-gave h-her l-life,so s-s-she owes me hers." she struggled to say since i was choking the fucking shit out of her. "Fuck you Nicki, You can't be loved but how does it feel to get a taste of your own medicine? Leave us alone got it!?!? You got you're own life, and she's mine. She found way better than you and I'm not letting her go." She glared at me and I punched her a few more times and throwing her against the wall and downing the rest of my drink before hoping in my car and going home. I pulled up at Ny's apartment and unlocked the door with my key. I heard Ny's little feet padding towards me as soon as I opened the door. She wrapped her arms around my neck and cried.
"J-Jas?!?! What d-did you do?"
"I went to go cool off at a bar. She happened to be there. She accused me of stealing you away from her to make me look like the bad guy in front of everyone but i spoke the truth so she hit me. I set her straight and told her to leave us alone and worry about her new family."
She sighed and shook her head."Jas thanks for being there for me and protecting me." she pecked my lips and something washed over me. I felt all warm and there were massive butterflies. I pushed her against the front door and smashed our lips together. She gasped in the kiss as i caught her off guard. I caressed her cheek and grabbed her waist deepening the kiss. She pulled away and looked as stunned as I was. She opened her mouth to speak but i wouldn't let her. I allowed my lips to attack her neck causing another gasp to escape her lips. Her breath was shaky and I could tell she enjoyed this as much as i did but i just wanted to be in control. I started biting her neck and leaving love bites everywhere as I gripped her thigh. Soft moans escaped as she ran her hands through my hair. I was loving this and i wanted this. I knew she wanted it as much as me because she hasn't stopped me yet, but it was too soon and I had some liquid courage. I trailed my lips along her jawline until our lips connected. We fought for dominance and I won, this time. I pulled away and she scrunched her nose and pouted in defense. 
"These right here.." i trailed my fingers along the marks i just made,"are the only bruises that should be on your body." I squeezed her thigh again and walked to the couch. She stood there, and didn't move a muscle. I knew she'd probably get me back for leaving her the way i did buuuttt she'll get over it. A few minutes later I heard her go into the kitchen. "Ny!"
"Can you grab me a beer?" she peeped her head from the corner of the kitchen entrance.
"Why??" she asked with a smirk on her pretty little face.
"Because I want it??" 
"We can't always have what we want Jas"
"Uuuugh.... really? You're playing this game?" She chuckled and tossed me the drink.
"Not yet." She went into the hallway for something and the went back into the kitchen. A few minutes later, she sat next to me.
"Huh?" I asked as she straddled my waist.
"Why did you do it?" 
"i care about you and what she did was wrong. She deserved to get a taste of her own medicine. She deserved to get her ass whooped and humiliated." I said as I sipped my beer.
"You didn't have too do that." she said as she placed ice on my eye.
"aah... i-I wanted to." i struggled to say through the pain. I grabbed her hand and looked in her eyes. "Ny, I gotta tell you something."
"Ok love, go ahead." she said moving the ice to the side of my lip.
"I'm not as innocent as I made myself out to be."
"What do you mean?" she asked as she bit her lip and tilted her head.
"I guess you can say I live two lives." she just stared at me. "like Tyler." i took the ice from her and put it on the table.
"Why are you telling me t-this?"
"Because I care about you Ny. you told me about your past, present, and future. You were patient with me. it's my turn to tell you something about me. I want to protect you and i don't want to lose you, and I didn't want you to hear anything from anyone, but me."
"I don't want anything to happen to you. Why are ya''ll doing this? Y'all work in the hospital. You're a good ass doctor. So why? Why are you trying to live both lives?"
"I can't speak for Ty, but I ran away before I went to college and the streets became my home. Now I wasn't one of those people who let it consume them completely, but I let it mold me into who i am  now. I'm street smart and book smart Ny. i can hold my own in the streets and at home. i can shoot a nigga if I have to and save the innocent. I'm a doctor because I want to help people. I watched too many people I loved and cared about die. I can save  lives and I can protect the ones  I can't lose." Tears silently fell until she kissed them away. She didn't seem bothered and I was relieved yet worried. "You're not afraid?"  she shook her head. 
"I have a past too Jas, but that's for another day." i nodded and she tried to put the ice back on my face. 
"Aaah!" I grabbed the ice and threw it. "Ny I love the fact that you care about me, but that fucking hurts ma. No more Ice!" I said with my hands up. "Pleasssssseee."
"FIIIINNEEE." she said followed by a sigh.
"Why aren't you afraid?"
"Because everyone has a little street in them. Some never have to use it, some don't know they have it, some let it consume them because it's easy, and others do it because they have to. You know where you're going and where you came from and i like that, and plus I told you I have a past too. Well it's not really my past, but I understand." she said winking at me and climbing off of me before she walked into her room. Uuugh she's good and I can't wait to see what she has under her sleeve knowing it'll probably drive me crazy when the time comes. I turned off the lights and cut on the TV. I laid on the couch and turned on waist deep. We weren't together but these past few months have been amazing with her. I hope that we make it and I can make her mine. It hurt me when I thought about how Nici treated her. I can only imagine what she's been through for 4 years. I didn't realize i was crying until I felt Ny's thumb run across my cheek. She looked down at me and kissed my forehead. There were no words spoken, but we didn't need any. We both knew what was going on. 
"Jas, come on, Let's go to sleep. You're gonna be babysitting me for 2 weeks and I don't think I should make you sleep on the couch. Just don't kick me or we fighting." She said as she put her hands up causing us both to laugh. As i walked into her room,there were like 5 cans of energy drinks. 
"huh? Oh don't worry about it, I had paperwork to finish so I needed something to keep me up." I nodded knowing she was lying but was too tired to figure out why. She walked out with the empty cans and came back turning off the light. She laid down next to me and cuddled into me,with her head on my chest. This feeling was nice holding her so close to me. It felt like something was missing until I found her, she made everything better and I hope i did the same for her. After like 2 minutes of blissful silence, Ny was straddling me and kissing me aggressively. She trailed down to my neck leaving her mark and she grabbed my arms and placed them over my head. Suddenly I heard a click and she got up and turned the light on. I looked at her and she was smiling hella hard trying to act like she ain't just cuff me to the damn bed.
"NY!!! WTF!!! That's wrong and cruel!!"  She walked back to me and straddled me again. 
"I'm trying to help you Jas, you're just stubborn and I'm not fighting with you this late."
"What are y-" just then there was a shock of cold on the side of my face. I hissed in pain not realizing how bad it was but looked at her like she was fucking insane. Which she was but damn! "Really Ny! You handcuffed me to put some damn ice on my face!??" I chuckled slightly even though i didn't want her to know,  It was kind of cute. 
"Jas you're very stubborn and you fought me earlier ok. You wouldn't have let me just put ice on your face OBVIOUSLY. But I killed two birds with one stone. I'm helping you and teasing you a the same time." She winked and went back to my cheek. For the next 10 mins she had me like this and kept leaving kisses everywhere and rubbing up and down my stomach. I wanted her to stop but then I didn't. i just laid there calmly until I felt her hand slide in my shorts and rubbed her hands against my clit. I took a deep breath and looked at her before i bit my lip. She moved her fingers in circles causing me to squirm. I hated the fact that she had my hands restricted. She would move her hands from my thigh to my pussy and laugh when I would pout in impatience. After another 5 minutes of her torturing me, she took her hands out my shorts and got up to uncuff me.
"All Done! Jas??"
"Hmmm" i looked at her biting and licking my lips just to tease her a lil bit. She shifted her weight on her feet and stepped back.
"M-maybe i should leave you here." She smirked and backed away some more.
"Naoni Janae Williams if you don't uncuff me I'm breaking this damn head board and that would be a shame."
"How so? I could Just buy a new one JASSSS! And don't evvver call me by my government, felt like i was about to get locked up." She held her chest and looked away.
"You CAN buy a new one but what fun would that be if you didn't help me break it Naoni?" I asked biting my lips again. She whimpered and started walking towards me. 
"Damn..." one step."Shit" another step. "Uuugh Jaaassssss .... Nooo Faiiiirrrrr" another step.
"Ny stop whining and let me go. You knew what you were doing. How you gonna do that to me. You just gonna turn me on and just stop and act like you ain't do shit" I chuckled at her childish actions as she pouted and grabbed the key. She unlocked them but still held my hands. 
"You win this round Jas buuut I need a head start and yoooou started it." I looked at her confused until she dropped my hands and bolted for the door. Just as I realized what was going on, the door slammed and I heard her little feet padding away. I ran out into the hallway into pure darkness. She turned off all the damn lights. I turned them back on after i tripped over everything including my own feet. I turned around and was tackled by her. We ended up on the ground and i turned us over and pinned her to the ground. I looked at her with an evil smirk on my face and tickled the shit out of her. "O-o-O-k J-J-J-Jaaasss! Y-Yoou w-wiin!!!!" she was in a fit of laughter and I couldn't help but laugh with her. She was so adorable she really made me happy. I looked at her and kissed her passionately and she ran her hands through my hair. I picked her up and pulled away. She smothered her face in my neck and we made our way back to bed and actually went to sleep this time.

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