Too Broken To Love


Naoni is the type of girl who masks her true feelings and pain to make others happy. She has been in a relationship for the past 4 years. To outsiders, they're happy and "GOALS" but behind closed doors, it's a nightmare. A nightmare that replays for her over and over again. Just when she thinks things get worse, they change for the better. But what's the reason for this change? Or should i say who?

( This story starts of fast.... It was written this way to show that time means nothing. Years and months cannot be compared to the person behind them. So who will Naoni choose? Years or months?)



3. Change


Naoni's P.O.V

It's been three days since I left Nici. It's brought Jas and me closer together. She treats me better but I don't think it'll last. It didn't before. I like her a lot, but I'm not ready for more pain. I can't take anymore. I try to distance myself and she notices it. She doesn't say anything to me she just does things to reassure me, but I'm still scared she's another Nici. To be honest, that's how I am about everyone now. I try to open my eyes and see that that's not always the case, that there are people with a kind heart, like Jasmine, but it doesn't work, no matter what I always fear that they'll turn on me. Especially Jas. I've been really distracted these past few days, Jas' birthday is in two days, I'm excited, I can actually do something for her but she thinks something's wrong with me. She is so protective, she wants me to be safe and she basically forces me  to carry a pocket knife and pepper spray, but anyways, I'm going to throw her a party and she's gonna love it even if she already made it clear that she didn't want anything. I was at the store getting stuff for her party when I saw this sexy as silver rolex and a chain that went with it. Ya'll already know that that shit ain't cheap and she'd kill me if I got it for her. So I did, I got the rolex, a chain, and some stud earrings too. I bought her like 3 pairs of Jordan's and a couple of outfits as well. I was excited and happy she was in my life. I didn't know any other way to say thank you so why not gifts and a party. Words couldn't show how much I appreciated her but my actions could. I made my way to Miri's house to leave Jas' gifts over there until the party. We rented a space at a club for the party and we still had to set up and get everything in order without her finding out.  We all agreed that i would distract Jasmine when the time comes.  I organized everything but I made sure Miri and Ty would be able to understand it because for the next 2 days, I'm all Jasmine's. Miri came back in town last night to help out and Tyler would be here the day of the party. I didn't want them to cut their trip short but they refused to miss her party so i obviously didn't have a say in that. I pulled up to Miri's place and got out with everything in my hands. I rang her doorbell a thousand times because if you haven't noticed, I'm impatient. 
"Dammit Ny!!! I'm coming.. SHIIIT!" I couldn't help but laugh at how easy it was to get under her skin.
"Heeyyy besst fraan!!"
"Wassup Ny!?!?!"
"Here" I said as I handed her the stuff. I had to leave because I have been ignoring Jas all day. When I get home, who knows what will happen. I was kind of nervous. She sensed the fear and pulled me inside.
"what's wrong Ny?"
"I-I.. N-nothing."
"Really? Talk to me." She knows that when i stutter, I'm nervous, scared, or confused.
"M-Miri, w-w-what if J-Jas is l-like N-N-Nici?" 
"Ny... That's not gonna happen. Jas saw what she did to you. She cried for you and with you Naoni. She was hurting when you were. I don't think - no I know, that she wont do that to you." I just stared at her. 
"Y-yea, y-you're right, but I'm still s-scared. She admitted to being apart of the streets remember? She told you after she told me and you flipped your shit. What if she has a melt down or something? "
"Of course you are Ny, after everything you've been through, it's ok. Jas understands that and she's patient. Yea, she does her thing in the streets Naoni, but so did you. You never told her that did you? You never told her anything huh? Don't be a hypocrite okay. You wouldn't hurt her and she wouldn't hurt you. if you think she's gonna have a melt down and take it out on you, would you do it to her? Would you show her "Trigger?" She wants the best for you but you need to talk to her. You need to be telling her this, not me." I nodded and she hugged me. I squeezed her before i walked back to my car.
"Thanks Miracle, I love you girl,but you're right. I would never hurt her like that, she might see "Trigger" but not towards her, but i think I'm just paranoid. Waiiitt... how do you know all of this?"
"You're welcome Ny, she talks to me and Ty Naoni, she doesn't want to stress you out, and she'll tell you what she's been dying to tell you when the time is right Ny, be patient with her because she is with you and i love you too hun. Now that the advice part is out of the way, fuck you mean she might meet Trigger?"
"Ya'll know that side of me wasn't gone for good. My business needs me and so do my people. Ty has his own shit to run Miri, he can't be running mine too.
"Ny, you gotta tell Jas. you can't keep this from her."
"I know,I plan on it. After her birthday, but this week is special, and I don't want her stressing or mad at me on her birthday." she nodded and we hugged one last time before I made my way home. The talk i had with Nelle helped a little bit, but I was still kinda scared about everything. No one thought that Nicki would hurt me the way she did, and no one knew she was doing it. They thought we were a happy and perfect couple. So what if Jas is the same way? What if she snaps on me like Nicki did when she found out about my "double" life? I pulled up to the apartment complex and sat in my car. I just sat there and thought about everything, like I know I seem so afraid of everything right now, but trigger wasn't and Naoni  was coming back to stay. After another 5 minutes, I decided  read the messages Jas sent but my phone started ringing and her name popped up on the screen. i was nervous but happy at the same time.  She cared alot about me and that was very clear, but what line would she cross to prove it? i just stared at the phone until it stopped ringing and looked at the messages just to see what I was about to walk into. 
BAAABBBEEEE!?!?!?!? (My heart fluttered at this one)
What Did I Do???
Nicki Better NOT have touched you >:(
I was a little more nervous as I continued to read. I finally got out the car and made my way to the door. I unlocked it and stepped in. She was sitting on the bar stool closest to the door and she had her arms crossed. She looked hurt, worried, and pissed the fuck off, her face was red and her eyes were puffy.
"Why have you been ignoring me?"
"Sorry I was busy." She glared at me and shook her head. I was getting nervous and i didn't know what to do. "J-Jas I didn't mean to worry you o-or make y-you upset. I j-just had a lot to d-do and I didn't really have my phone on me."
"Ny I was scared something happened to you." she said raising her voice a little but she wasn't yelling. I was just thinking about how this could go and it scared me. I didn't realized she was calling me until she yelled. "Ny!?" I jumped and stepped back as I looked at her."
"I-I-I'm s-s-sorry J-jas I d-d-d-didn't' m-mean t-to m-m-m-make you u-upset." I started shaking lightly and I backed up again as tears ran down my face. Her face softened as she got up and walked towards me. I shook my head slightly and started crying more as I backed up some more.
"Ny?" worry was clear in her voice now, but for some reason, i couldn't find my voice. "Ny?" she said again as she reached her hand out towards my face.
"I-I'm s-sorry J-Jas I-i w-won't d-do i-it a-a-again. i p-promise." I backed up into a wall and I blocked my face scared she was gonna hit me and just broke down. I was so afraid even though Miri told me I shouldn't be. She looked at me hurt this time. She must have realized what was going on in my head because she stopped walking and broke down crying.
"Naoni? I-I'm n-not l-like h-her." she said in between sobs. she looked up at me and my heart instantly broke. She looked so broken in that moment. I didn't know how to feel.
"I-i know b-but I s-still get scared s-sometimes. certain t-things remind me of h-her and it scares m-me." I looked at her but she didn't say anything. She put her head in her hands and cried harder. I leaned on the wall and closed my eyes and just cried. Suddenly, i felt her thumb rub against my cheek and her chin was on my head. I opened my eyes and looked up at her to see her still crying. "I-I'm s-sorry. W-Why are you t-trying w-with me? I'm t-t-too broken t-t-to ever love or c-care for s-someone else again. I r-r-really like you J-Jas and i'm g-glad I m-met you and t-that you s-stayed so l-long but I'm h-h-hurting you already. You need better. W-We aren't even together and I'm already m-m-m-making you cry." She looked at me and leaned into me planting her lips on mine. She deepened the kiss and ran her tongue against my lip asking for entrance. We fought for dominance and she won, pushing me against the wall more and grabbing my hips. Before things got too serious, she pulled away and looked at me again.
"Ny I know that I'm falling for you, and you're falling for me too. Yea it's harder for you and we both know why. I'm willing to stick it out with you because I know what you need is love, and for someone to take care of you. To treat you right and prove to you that there are still good people in the world, even if it seems impossible. i told you from the day we met that I've been through similar circumstances and what my dad did will be something I will never forget. I know what it feels like and it took me a while to trust people again. I believe in you and i care about you deeply Naoni. i'm not her and i never will be her. i know you need more than just words to prove that, and i will do everything I can to prove it to you, but I mean every word. I mean it now and i meant it when we first met." I looked at her in shock. i couldn't believe she said all of that and there wasn't a hint of lies in her words or voice. She was genuine and i believed her. I was willing to try and accept this change for the better.
"I'm sorry for worrying you tho." I said as i pecked her lips. She just nodded as tears continued to fall down her cheek.
"Naoni, you mean a lot to me and I thought something bad happened to you. i don't want you to be afraid of me because I'm not her. I just want you to know that I'm afraid of losing you, and i thought I did."
"I will do everything in my power to make sure that that never happens. I'm afraid of losing you too Jasmine. You just need to be patient with me and you have. I appreciate you so much and yes I am falling for you. I was afraid at first. I was afraid to trust you, to believe you, to have hope, but you showed me that there are good people and you've proven to me that you're better than her in so many ways. It's gonna take me time and I know you understand that but I'm just glad I have you." I said as I kissed her cheek, causing my eyes to swell up with tears as our lips found each other. She pulled away and smile. the happiest smile I've ever seen. 
"Here." I looked down to see a black box wrapped in a red ribbon.
"Jas my birthday isn't until next month. You're the one who needs to be getting presents, not me." she chuckled but placed the box in my hands anyway. i opened it to see a drawing book and a small box on top of it. I opened the box to see a ring with Jas' initials engraved in it with "Forever yours" in cursive writing. I was crying so much right now. It felt good tears of joy instead of pain. "Jas oh my god! This is beautiful!" I picked up  a promise ring too but shit I ain't gotta tell y'all everything. She chuckled at my response and went to go grab a box of tissues because I was crying a damn river in this bitch. I took the opportunity to get her ring. I came back before she did and I placed it on top of her phone.
"Here Ny, we obviously need these right now."She said as she laughed and grabbed a tissue for herself. She sat down and reached for her phone. She grabbed the box and looked at me.
"Well Jas,I guess we have the same mindset. I bought you one too." her eyes watered again as she opened the box. The style of the rings were similar. The one Jas gave me had a diamond heart next to her initials, on mine the heart was next to the word always. I put my initials on it too, but it said "Forever and always". Before she could say anything I grabbed the box and looked at her. "Jas I promise to care for you and love you like you do for me. It's hard for me but because of you it got better, I got better. The love i have for you isn't strong enough to say I'm in love with you, but I do love you. Part of me is still afraid but once it goes away i know that I will fall for you completely and fast as hell." she laughed but didn't say anything as I continued. " I am falling for you and I don't see myself without you. You made my life brighter and happier when I didn't think it was possible. You fought with me as I went through nothing but pain and you also fought for me when I didn't have the strength to. I can't wait until the day I can call you my girl. I know that I'm a handful and as protective and supportive you are, I understand that you need time too. I love you and thanks for being you Jas." I kissed her as she silently cried and put the ring on her finger. She sat up straighter and I knew it was her turn to speak.
"Ny, I've wanted to make you mine from the day I saw you. Yes you're a handful at times, but so am I. I've prayed for you for so long. Someone who cares and loves me like I do for them. I'm falling in love with you but I can say that i'm in love with you and I will be patient and wait for you to be able to say it too. you've been through a lot and i'm willing to wait. To show you better. To love you with everything in me. I promise to always protect you, to be honest with you, to listen, to be patient, and be there for you no matter what. i promise to be more than you're girlfriend, I will be your best friend too. Now I know I can't replace Ty and Miri, and I wouldn't even if I could but I will still be there as a friend and your lover." I couldn't help but cry. She really made me happy. I felt her lips on mine as she pulled me out of my thoughts. My fingers found her hair as she deepened the kiss, I ran my hands through her curls and pulled slightly causing her to let out a slight moan. She bit my lip teasing me as she pushed me on the floor. I gasped at her actions and she took this as a chance to slide her tongue in my mouth and explore every inch of it. Her hands found their way and she knew she had control as she ran her thumb over my nipple, i bit my lip holding in the moan trying to escape. I knew that would drive her crazy so I kept doing it. All she got were gasp and squirms. She pulled my shirt off before I could act on it and smashed her lips on mine again.
"Ny?" Her voice was so sexy right now as you heard the lust and hunger in her voice. "You're holding back baby. You can play this game now, but it won't last." she bit her lip causing me to squirm. The sexual tension was real and we both knew it. She left soft kisses on my neck, but every kiss was more aggressive than the last. She made her way to my side and started biting it. that was ONE of my spots and it was killing me. I never told her where any of them were, yet she manages to find them with ease. I started squirming again and she caught on as she ran her hands along my sides and traced it with her tongue. Just then, there was a knock at the door but she didn't stop. She left love bites on each  side while she drew circles with her tongue.
"J-Jas I g-g-gotta get the d-door."
"No Ny." She whined as she bit her lip, leaning in to kiss me. Her soft lips found mine and I didn't want it to end. Her tongue explored my mouth and I was slowly losing control, and i couldn't have that again so I flipped  us over. There was a knock again and I screamed hold on as i found Jas' lips on mine. It was my turn. I kissed her hungrily before I pulled her shirt over her head, her sports bra was exposed and i left kisses from her neck to her stomach. Her breathing increased and I couldn't help but chuckle. I kissed her again distracting her as I led my hands to her boxers. I slid my hand in her boxers and played with her clit and she bit her lip trying to mute herself since there was someone outside. I teased her just like I did last time to drive her crazy (Shiid circles are the key lol). She rocked her hips against my fingers and I picked the pace up. She threw her head back in pleasure and bit her lip .
"mmm Ny" I smirked feeling cocky as hell. I sped up again making her moan louder."FUCK!" "mmmm go faster!" I did as told and she dug her nails into my arm and her legs started shaking. There was a knock on the door again and I slid my hands out from her boxers and she started pouting immediately.
"You're very impatient." i said as I removed her pants and boxers. I left trails of kisses from her neck to her v-line enjoying how easy it was for me to take control. I started drawing circles with my tongue as I made my way to her pussy spreading her legs and finally given her what she wanted. She started pulling my hair as her legs started shaking and all she could do was moan my name until I flicked my tongue one last time which made her scream and finally let go. "Shit..that was-Shit." I chuckled and got up, putting my shirt back on, going to the door. Jas put her clothes back on and fixed her pants following behind me. "Ny.." She said my name still in a trance. I didn't say anything I just winked at her and licked my lips before i opened the door. Miri was standing there shaking her head. 
"Ya'll are some freaky ass motherfuckers man..."
"That was nothing Miriiii, your ass should've called or texted." I said licking my lips as I tossed her the remote and went to the bathroom.
"I did!"
"Oh shit for real? Ha my bad." I said winking at jas.
"Ayye where you going?"
"To take a piss Miri damn." Jas chuckled at my attitude and looked at the TV. Miri pushed her and glared
"What I do?" Jas asked as I walked my happy go lucky ass in the bathroom. She made me happy and i was so glad i had her. i heard Miri yell at Jas.
"Jas you aint innocent! Just know that Ny was my girl first bih!"
"Bruh you don't make no type of sense." I was laughing my ass off as I finished up in the bathroom. My phone started ringing and Jas looked at it and her face scrunched up. 
"Ny? Who's bae?" I laughed and then glared at Miracle pointing at her.
"Really? you petty asf." 
"Just had to let her know." Jas looked through my contacts looking for her name and tossed me my phone.
"Nah see you mine now so fix my shit." She smiled shaking her head.
"Fine you fix mine then."
"Aight cool."
"ya'll chidish." Miri said. I went to Jas' name and changed it to "My Forever."
"Shut up!" Me and Jas said.
"lemme see ya'll." Miri put both her hands out so we could give her our phones. She grabbed them and just stared at the screen. "Awww ya'll cute." I grabbed Jas' phone, it said "My Everything." I gave her her phone back and kissed her cheek. She grabbed my face and connected our lips causing me to reach for her face making it more intense. i pulled back realizing Miri was there. Jas pecked my lips again and Miri screamed causing us to jump.
"Yo What The Fuck!?" i said holding my chest
"What the hell you screaming for!" jas yelled as she ran her hand through her hair. She looked so good, i just stared at her and bit my lip. She caught me and winked licking her lips in response. Miri screamed again. i punched her in her arm.
"Do it again Miracle I dare you! Scream one more time!"
"Sorry b-but what is that!?" she pointed at my hand.
"A promise ring?"
"WHAT! Jas for real?" She nodded in response and looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders knowing she was asking wtf was wrong with Miri. "Ny?'
"What did you give her as a thank you? A kiss? dinner? Is that why ya'll took forever to answer the door?" she asked winking.
"Chill lol and what did I give her?" I asked playing dumb
"Seriously!?!? you didn't get her anything?"
"Ha of course i did."
"What! Ny? what was it?"
"That." I said pointing to her hand. She screamed again and i looked at jas and nodded. We got up and slapped her in her face. yea it was fucked up but shit she wouldn't shut up. i warned her did i not? 
"Fuck!! Ya'll some assholes"
"Are you done screaming like you aint got no damn sense?!?!" I yelled. I was tired of her foolishness.
"YESSSS! Annnywaaaayss! Jassy poooooo?" Jas glared at her and shoved grapes in her mouth.
"Don't fucking call me that Miracle..EVER AGAIIN." she put her hands up and backed away from her in surrender.
"aren't you excited about your birthday??"
"I mean I guess."
"You guess? It's your birthday Jas. You should be excited." I said
"I will be fine spending the whole day with you, but you gotta promise No party and NO surprises."
"That's cute Jas and your wish is my command."
"Ny?" Jas looked suspicious 
"What are you planning?" she asked as she looked at both of us.
"Nothing obviously since you just banned me from doing anything."
"I j-" before Jas could say anything Miri's phone started ringing and worry ran across her face. Jas went to the bathroom and still had that sexy smirk on her face. Miri needed to go home so we could finish what we started.
"What is it?" I said.
"Ny...It's Marcus." She whispered.
"Fuck! Call Ty and try not to tell Jas ok." I whispered back not wanting to stress Jas out.
"Tell me what?" Jas asked wrapping her arms around me.
"Shit!" Miri said as my phone went off and hers went off again too.
"N-nothing. Miri go do what i said Ok?"
"Aight I'll be back later." She made her way to the door but Jas grabbed her arm
"Miri what's going on?!?"
"Jas chill. It's nothing." She said as she walked out the house and jogged towards her car. I made my way to my room as Jas locked the door behind her. 
"Jas it's nothing. Don't worry about it okay? It's been a good day so let's just-"
"Just tell me who Marcus is."
"Miri's ex okay."
"So why were you guys act-" I cut her off with my lips. The less questions she asked the safer she was. I pulled away and she was just staring at me and biting her lips. 
"Stop stressing baby. It's a good day okay."
"Yea you're right. Movie night?"
"Hell yea! PJJJJJJSSSSSS!!!" (If ya'll haven't noticed i'm a fucking little ass kid at heart lol)

Miri's P.O.V

After Ny and Jas bitch slapped me for yelling, I calmed down and realized how happy they really were. They've been through hell together and Ny has been through hell for the past few years and Jas was her angel. They were just so cute and so were the promise rings. it meant alot knowing that Ny could feel again and that she could be happy again.  Ny and I were having our own little conversation when my phone rang. Marcus was calling me and fear immediately washed across my face which was pretty damn clear to Ny. Marcus is my ex who also so happens to be Nici's brother. FUCK! I know we know how to pick 'em, but Marcus didn't physically abuse me, it was more verbal abuse but it was still abuse. Ny just had the spawn of motherfucking Satan as her girlfriend and I had the seed of fucking chucky. Anyways, I broke up with Marcus a while ago but he always has Nicki's back and I am 99.95% sure that this is one of those situations. Ny told me to call Ty because he has his shit in the streets even though he keeps saying he's trying to be a good person in the "Normal" world but it doesn't last. He's too damn good at what he does to just leave it behind so he has a little bit of both worlds and so does Ny. Anyways, once I got outside, i called Ty and I could no longer control the fear piercing through my veins.

"Hey Miri, Wassup?"
"T-Ty we need you...l-like n-now!"
"Why!? What's wrong? Are ya'll okay?" I just broke down in tears.
"Miracle? Is Ny hurt? Where's Jas? Are you hurt? WHAT THE FUCK IS  GOING ON!!! SHIT SPEAK!!"
"M-Marcus c-called Ty. He called me and Ny. He must have hacked our system at the hospital to get our numbers because we changed them."
"FUUCK!!! Did you tell Jas?"
"Look Ty, i got to go."
"Wait did you tell J-" i hung up on him. Shit we were fucked and I don't know what Jas would do and that's what me and Ny were afraid of. I made my way back up the stairs towards Ny's place.  I knocked on the door viciously not controlling the tears running down my face. 
"Miri what happened?" Jas asked as she pulled me inside and hugged me. She was so sweet and gentle and Ny was lucky. I knew Jas would protect her and I started feeling guilty. She needed to know. 
"Jas I-I'm ok. Where's Ny?" 
"In the living room but lemme say something real quick." I looked at her and nodded
"Okay. Go ahead Jas.... Wassup?"
"You and Ny might be good at lying or playing other people but not me. I know something's not right and ya'll are hella scared for it to be nothing so stop fucking lying to me. If something happens to ya'll that could've been prevented, that's gonna hurt me and if you don't tell me what the fuck is going on and something bad happens I will try to protect you both but Ny will always be my priority and I will protect her first. I love you both but I will always love her more and the fact that ya'll are putting yourselves and others in danger and don't even have the fucking decency to tell me what the FUCK is going on Is Fucked Up!"
"Look J-jas I w-want to t-t-tell you b-but it's not j-just my story." i sobbed.
"W-" before jas could even get a word out, Ny came walking in staring at me with fear she grabbed me and led me to the bathroom.
"Jas we'll be back."
"mmhh whatever" We got in the bathroom. Jas looked so hurt and worried, Ny locked the door behind us.
"Ny, Ty thinks we should tell Jas." i said
"Ssh. I don't want anything happening to her." she whispered 
"You're hurting her either way. She wants to protect you, and she needs to know just in case. She has to protect herself too." I whispered back.
"You're right. What did she say to you?"
"Basically, she knows that we're hiding something and we can't lie or play her because she's not stupid. She said that we keep saying everything's ok and that' some bullshit and that if something happened she would try to protect us both because she loves us both but she will always love you more and you're her priority meaning,you come first, so if it comes down to it she's saving you and it would kind of be our fault that we knew something was bound to happened and didn't' say anything to prevent bad shit from happening."
"Wow, now I feel like shit." 
"Girl who you telling." just then, there was a knock at the door. 
"YES!" me and Ny yelled.
"Ty's here guys." Jas said. We walked out and Jas looked so hurt and broken. 
"Babe were you crying?" Ny asked her.
"Ny just tell me."
"Miracle can you get the door?" I nodded and made my way to the door letting Tyler in.
"Hey. Miri You need to tell -." Ty looked up and saw Jas and shook his head.
"The fuck ya'll do!?"
"We ain't tell her." I said
"Miri I told you that ya'll needed to tell her. We are both willing to protect you Obvious-FUCKING-Ly. But how IN THE FUCK ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO THAT SHIT IF ONE OF US DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT IT?!?!?!!!!"
"THANK YOU!"Jas said clapping her hands.
"Ok...Ok." Ny said sighing."Jas sit down." Jas did what Ny said and Ny sat down next to her. "Miri you first."
"Ok. I met this guy Marcus, obviously, and he was sweet and we got to now each other and started dating for almost 2 years, but during our relationship I realized that he seemed too curious about Ny, and he always knew what she was doing and where she was going. He was abusive too, but not really physically and it got worse over time. He told me that he always had his eye on us. I got pissed off and we got into it. I wanted to know why he was so obsessed with Ny. Come to find out, he is Nici's fucking brother!"
"Fuck." Jas whispered 
"Anyways, Miri told me everything and it started to make sense. When me and Nici went to certain places she had this dude with her and she would just tell me he was her bodyguard since she has a couple businesses in the streets some people didn't rock with her so he was her so called protection. I ain't believe her bullshit but i finally got confirmation that I wasn't fucking crazy, when I went to her place for dinner. There was a picture of her and her "bodyguard" in her living room. When I asked her about it, she just said that he was her best friend and not to worry about it. The reason why we were bugging is because we know they're planning something." Jas just looked at me and Nelle not saying much. 
"Damn Ty! Is it that serious that you actually gotta fight her fam??"
"Hell Yea!!" Ty and I said at the same time. Ny glared at us and nodded before she rubbed her face. She looked at me and sighed.
"I guess it's time. You've been running the streets for a while..." i paused and looked at her. She nodded and i continued. "So you heard of that leader Trigger?"
"Who hasn't Ny!! She was dope as fuck! Nobody really knows what happened to her and not many people even seen her face. My people's told me her business is back but they haven't seen her yet, why?"
"Well, what if you could meet her?" i said.
"Miri No.." Naoni and Ty said.
"I would probably be killed right after." she laughed but went right back to serious when she realized I was deadass. Just then Ny's "business" phone started ringing. Me and Ty knew what was up, but Jas was looking around trying to figure out who's phone it was since everyone's was on the table even her and Ty's "business" phones. Ny didn't want people to know about her life, so she hid it. Naoni picked up her phone. "Why the fuck you got another phone?" Ty looked and Jas and then the table with our phones on it and her eyes grew wider. Naoni walked outside and Jas looked pissed.
"Bro wassup?" Ty asked her.
"What's going on?" Jas was confused and hurt.
"There's still alot more to tell." I said and ty nodded in agreement.
"Why did you guys ask me if I wanted to meet tigger knowing that shit ain't never gonna happen?"
"You already did my dude." Ty said. Jas' eyes got bigger.
"We just did." I said. Just then "Trigger" walked in. People didn't see Ny's face because she wore dark shades, and a snap back that covered her eyes and nose and shit. She had on all black and her chains that said "GRIND" and "T" (if ya'll don't know what that stand for then shame on you).
"Jas, meet trigger. Trigger, well she already knows you."
"How The Fuck Does She Know Me?!?" Ny looked up, but didn't take of her shades.
"I gotta make a business run ya'll. Look after her." Jas tilted her head in confusion. Naoni realized and sat next to Jas and her eyes got wide once again when she saw the promise ring on her chain.
"Trigger's your girl." Ty said. Naoni took of her shades and looked at Jas.
"Jas, baby please don't be mad at me. I thought I was protecting you by not saying anything. I said what I said when you told me you were running the streets because that's how i feel for myself too. I tried to change, but I can't. The streets raised me too and I wanna help others, but I also got shit to do and people to punish."
"Bruuh,My girl is like the king of the streets!"
"Well technically one of them." she said laughing. "There's still you and Ty babe."
"True but you're more powerful than anyone." Ny chuckled and kissed Jas.
"I'm glad you're not mad, but i gotta go."
"I wanna see you do your thing Ny."
"Not this time, you just found out who I was, but you can go with Ty to one of my spots and help sort some shit out. I know you won't do me wrong but the interrogation and shit is mandatory." Jas nodded.
"If shit does go down, I love y'all." Ny said. This is a thing Ny and Ty did every time they had to handle "Business', but of course Jas didn't know that. Ny and Ty bro hugged and dapped up. She kissed my forehead and told me to be careful. This always got to me because I never knew if this was goodbye,  but this is why they did it. When you lose someone,  the first thing you say is, I never got to say goodbye,so they make sure that's not something we'll regret.
"B-Baby??" Jas said. Ny let me go and walked up to her. "Why are you saying goodbye?" She started crying and so did Ny. 
"Hopefully it's not forever Jas, but it's just in case I don't come back. At least y'all got to say goodbye." She kissed her and looked in her eyes. "This is what I didn't want. FUCK.." Jas looked at her and pulled her into a hug.
"i can't lose you baby." Jas sobbed pain clear in her voice.
"I promised to do everything in my power to prevent that babe, this is just in case." Jas nodded and kissed Ny. Ny pecked her lips in between sobs. They finally calmed down and Ny stood up. She held Jas with everything in her and kept saying she loved her.
"I love you too." Jas whispered. It was step two. Freestyle session.
"Aight ya'll it's time for me to go, but i won't let these haters stop my flow." Ny began.
"shiid, we coming back ten times bigger, so get out the way cause there ain't no filter." Ty said
"This is our family, our crew, so there aint nothing to it, grinding is our life style, so we gonna use it." Jas caught on
"Ya'll know I aint got bars, so ty write these lyrics down while i get my guitar." I tried, we all busted out laughing and ty egged me on.
"Ayyee barrsss Miriiii!"
"ya'll know how i do." i said as i flipped my hair. 
"Alright ya'll let's get it." Ny said
"Aight T let's go." ty said
"Ok babe I love you, once we leave these doors, no more Gov names." Jas said, we all nodded and Ny kissed her once again.
"I love you too babygirl." and with that, we separated.

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