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40. Preference How you met


You were new to camp and had no idea what to do. You hadn't been able to make any friends yet all the kids at camp kind of scared you so you mostly stayed by yourself.

At the moment you sat by the lake by yourself as usual. You let your feet glide over the water as you thought about nothing in particular. You didn't hear the approaching footsteps until the person sat beside you on the small dock. You looked over to see a boy with dark hair and bright sea green eyes. 

Remember people talking about him. This was in fact the great Percy Jackson. You shifted uncomfortably in your spot as he began to speak.

"Are you new I don't  think I have seen you around before?"

"Yeah. I'm (y/n) by the way." Percy was your first real friend in camp. You guys talked about everything and he even gave you pointers on how to survive camp.


You were currently in the forges working on your anger. You weren't a hesphestus camper (sorry if that's your g/p just roll with it) you just liked being in there it always made you feel better. You just broke up with your boyfriend after he cheated on you.

Leo was upset and he decided to go to the forges. He got in a fight with Jason and now he didn't know what to do. He walked in and saw you earbuds in your ears blaring (f/b) (your favorite band) as you pounded some bronze into a kickbutt sword (sorry I don't use profanity) you two were the only ones there at the moment. You saw him and gave a weak smile. "Who are you if I may ask." Leo said but you didn't hear. You pulled out your ear buds and looked at him.

"What?" He repeated the question and you nodded. "I'm (y/n) (l/n) (son/daughter) of (g/p). You must be Leo Valdez." You said looking him up and down.

"That would be me mi amor glad my reputation has people talking." He flashed you a smile that screamed trouble and offered you a hand to shake but you didn't care you shook his hand. Little did you know big things were happening in your future.


You ran up and down the streets of New York (w/c) (weapon of choice) in hand. You turned only to be in a dead end alley. You turned around and saw the group of monsters chasing you now had you cornered. You had no choice but to lash out. You charged the monsters dust splashing you in the face every so often. One suddenly came from behind and pinned you to the concrete. You tried to kick and scream but nobody heard you. The monster grinned down at you about to bite your head off when you noticed a sword through its chest. It suddenly crumpled to dust on top of you. You looked around and saw a boy with golden blond hair nod to you. "Are you ok?" He asked pulling you up.

"Yeah I'm fine thank by the way. I'm (y/n)" you brought your hand out to shake.

"Jason. Jason grace. You might want to come with me I know a safe place for you."


You growled in frustration as you grappled with you friend (b/f/n). You tackled her sending you both tumbling on the mats. You were currently staying at camp Jupiter visiting but that never stopped you from training. You stopped as your friend pounded on the mat cursing at you and telling you to get off of them. You were from camp half blood so you didn't fully understand the formality you friend gave as the preator walked up to you.

"Preator Zhang if I knew you were coming I would have prepared everything for you." Your friend stuttered.

"Please (b/f/n) call me Frank. Those were some nice skills you had back there." He said looking at you.

You didn't say anything you just nodded. "What's your name?"

"(Y/n) (y/n) (l/n) I'm visiting from camp half blood for a few days. ". He nodded and smiled at you before turning around and walking away.


You ran through the woods as camper chased you. They didn't like you very much lets just say you weren't one of them. One of your parents was a monster and the other was a god so yeah you were a bit different. You tripped over a tree stump and fell cutting your hand. You cradled it groaning with pain. The mob of half bloods surrounded you threatening to kill you. Suddenly the crowd parted letting a boy walk through. He had dark hair and even darker clothes on. He knelt beside you and looked at you hand. "What is you name?" He asked softly.

"(Y-y-y/n)" you were shaking with fear wondering if they'd kill you or not.

"And what exactly are you (y/n)!" A person in the crowd shouted making you flinch.

"I'm I'm not sure. I'm half God, half monster. I don't know what you'd exactly call that." You mumbled. Nico took your hand and helped you up. You brushed some sort of your long spiraling horns and straitened out your clothes.

"She's a half blood just like all of you. If any of you have a problem with her in camp you can come straight to me!" the boy yelled.

"Nico! What would Chiron say!" Someone shouted in the crowd. He just ignored them pulling you back to camp his hand grasping strongly onto yours

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