Percy jackson oneshots

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41. Preference First Kiss


You were currently in the middle of a capture the flag game. Percy was on the opposite team by the way. You were all alone guarding your designated spot when you heard a bush rustle. You pulled out your (w/c) (weapon of choice) you pointed it at the bushes when Percy bounded out. He smirked at you and raised an eyebrow. "Well well if it isn't my old pal (y/n)." You started to shake. You knew you couldn't beat him but you were definitely gonna try. He got closer to you until you were backed up against a tree. You raised your (w/c) so that it touched his breastplate. Yes you were that close. He seemed distracted not looking in your eyes but at your lips. You took this opportunity and pulled out the rope you had in your pocket. You tied him up and pushed him down so that he laid on the ground. You laughed as he struggled against the rope. You suddenly tripped and landed on top of him. It was his turn to laugh. He stopped laughing suddenly and looked at your lips again making you blush. You had liked Percy for a while now and now you thought maybe you could test this out and see if he liked you back. You slowly pressed your lips on his and he instantly kissed back. As you kissed the horn blew showing the game was over. You stood up smiling and walked away leaving Percy tied up. Boy were you going get it later.


You had tried to play a prank on the stolls. You know give them a taste of their own medicine. Let's say it blew up in your face. Literally. You had to be put on laughing gas and were currently in the infirmary laughing at your fingers. Your best friend Leo stormed in a worried look on his face. "Don't worry she is just on laughing gas." Will explained at Leo's confused face. Leo sat beside you and took your hand in his. You made a funny face and shook your finger at Leo. "You bad kid you." You scolded in a baby voice. "You know I have a really huge crush on you but you can't tell Leo or else." You suddenly blurted making Leo go pink. You kissed his cheek and fell asleep seconds later. -------time skip----

You woke up yourself with a huge headache. Leo sat asleep beside you but you didn't want to wake him up so you let him sleep there and got out of the bed and went back to your cabin. You got to your cabin and started doing whatever you where doing when Leo walked in. (You were alone in the cabin btw) he walked slowly up to you and stopped just behind you with your back turned to him.

"So will put you on laughing gas yesterday. And you said something really crazy."

"What would that be." You replied.

"You said you loved me." You had dropped whatever you were holding and turned around only to be face to face with Leo. You stuttered not knowing what to say. All of a sudden you felt pressure on your lips. Leo was kissing you. "Good think I love you too." He said smiling.


You just couldn't keep your mouth shut. You had made a bet with Percy and you lost. Your penalty was that you had to be flown up into the sky by Jason and you had to stay up there for an hour. This was bad for you lets just say you didn't like heights.  "Let's get this over with." You pouted. You held on tight to your crush (Jason) and your stomach hit the ground as you rose into the sky. You let out a whimper and held on tighter to Jason's shirt. He wrapped his arms around your waist. He petted your hair in attempt to calm you down as you flew over the entire camp.

He suddenly cupped your cheeks and forced you to look at him. "I know what will make you feel better." Then he kissed you. It was warm and heart felt and full of love and your lips melted into his. He smiled against your lips as you touched down in the ground. Let's just say you were no longer afraid of heights.

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