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43. Preference First Kiss pt 2

Sorry guys forgot to add these two in. I have an excuse though I was tired (as usual) and didn't sleep much lol hope you guys like it.


It was the Fourth of July. The two of you were alone on the beach taking a stroll before the fireworks went off. You and Frank hadn't been dating very long and you were both kind of awkwardly silent. You slowly put your hand in his and pulled him closer to you. You blushed as you gave him a weak smile and he giggled at your flusteredness (I know it's not a word just roll with it)

Fireworks lit up the night sky above you making you smile. You looked over at Frank but felt pressure against your lips. Then you realized that Frank was kissing you and put your arms around him as you melted into the kiss. He pulled away and smiled sheepishly at you putting his forehead against yours.

"I love you."

"I love you too."


You were currently freaking out. You had swore (on the river Styx) you were going to tell your best friend Nico your feelings for him but now you were scared. You heard a knock at your cabin door and when you answered it a very tired Nico stood in the door way.

"Do you wanna go practice sword fighting?" He asked you. You nodded and filled him out of the cabin.

As you practiced Nico talked to you about things going on in his life at the moment. You loved it when he shared with you because you knew that it meant he trusted you which is always good especially with Nico.

"So there is this person..... And I think I'm gonna ask them out because I really like them so hopefully they say yes." You felt a pang of jealousy toward this mystery person. Nico put a hand on your shoulder when he noticed tears in your eyes. "Hey what's wrong."

You grabbed him by the shirt and kissed his lips making him freeze up. You quickly let go and backed up while yelling "because I like arse ok!" You stormed off to your cabin and cried in your bunk for a while. You jumped when you felt Nico's cold hand touch your shoulder. You hadn't heard him come into the cabin (stupid shadow travel). He wrapped his arms around you trying to hug you. You two were silent like this for a long time before he spoke up again.

"If it makes you feel better you were the person I was gonna ask before I was rudely interrupted." He said the last part sarcastically making you laugh. "(Y/n)" He said cupping your cheeks.

"Well you already know how I feel I guess." You said laughing as he kissed you on the nose.

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